5 Reasons You Should Hire a Marketing Agency

The marketing world is constantly changing, and the last couple of years have seen the pace of this change accelerated. Last month in the newsletter we talked about how the pandemic has resulted in the fastest and most complete shift in consumer expectations we’ve ever seen. It’s getting harder for brands to stand out to their audience, and companies that want to make sure their products and services stay relevant to their customers need to prioritize their marketing efforts. 

One way to keep your brand top of mind with your audience is to hire professionals to handle your marketing. Working with a marketing agency can help attract new customers, create brand awareness, and help generate more revenue. Let’s look at a few compelling reasons you should consider it.

1. It’s cost-effective and will help grow your business.

It’s a myth that only large companies can afford to work with marketing agencies. The reality is that it is usually more economical for a company to hire a marketing agency than it is to hire an in-house team. Hiring and retaining employees is expensive. Recruiting costs, benefits, training — it can quickly become expensive for small and medium-size businesses. Also, one person can’t handle every aspect of your company’s marketing (see #3), so you’d likely need to hire multiple people: a content producer, editor, social media manager, and inbound marketing specialist, for instance. A marketing agency takes the budget you would have allocated to an in-house team and invests it back into your business to improve your return on investment (ROI). 

2. You’ll get clarity on what’s working and what’s not.

Maybe you’re seeing a sales plateau. Maybe your marketing efforts have been hit or miss. Maybe you’re experiencing a sudden increase in web traffic and phone calls but aren’t sure where they’re coming from. All of these scenarios mean you could be wasting your time on ineffective marketing strategies and missing opportunities for even greater success. A consultation with a marketing agency will give you a fresh perspective on your current marketing strategy. An agency might also have insights into how to increase sales that you may have overlooked, will be able suggest a strategy to overcome your challenges and meet your goals, and can look closely at how your marketing efforts are contributing to website traffic and customers. Perhaps most importantly, an agency will give you an unbiased perspective, since they aren’t part of your business.

3. You’ll benefit from niche skills and the best tools.

“The main benefit is that you’re able to hire a team of experts in their fields instead of hiring internally a jack of all trades (average at everything but master of nothing).”Jonathan Aufray of Growth Hackers Agency

One person can’t be an expert in all areas of marketing, and hiring a full in-house team is a huge expense. A marketing agency brings a team of experts in their respective disciplines — and your business will benefit from that experience and those skills for considerably less cost. You’ll also have access to the latest tools and data. While there is a wide variety of free marketing tools available, they often require upgrading to a paid version to access important analytics data, and for a small business, it might not be worth the investment in all of those tools. But working with an agency will give you access to the best tools available, not to mention the people with the expertise to best use them.

4. Fractional marketing gives you maximum expertise and flexibility.

What is fractional marketing? It’s outsourcing a particular segment of your marketing to an expert or specialist. For instance, you could hire an experienced marketing leader to help develop or launch a new campaign. The benefits of fractional marketing include freeing up your in-house marketing staff, leveraging the experience of a seasoned veteran, and cost savings.

5. You can focus on your business.

As the company owner, you are probably wearing a lot of hats and doing a lot of jobs. Invariably, urgent requests or revenue-generating tasks are the ones that take the bulk of your attention. Marketing requires strategy and time; it quickly falls to the bottom of the to-do list. But marketing is the only thing a marketing agency does, so it becomes top priority and takes it off your plate. Maybe you don’t enjoy marketing, and lacklustre blog posts and emails and uninspired social media are failing to connect with your target audience and customers. Agencies are passionate about these things — and will bring this passion to your business.

Working with the right agency will help you grow your business. If you’re not seeing the results you want consistently, it is probably time to seek the support of a marketing agency to help your company succeed.

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