Goodbye Chub Rub!

Thigh Society Brand Guide Case Study

A champion of the body positivity movement, Thigh Society is a clothing brand that sells anti-chafing slip shorts and was created for women who love bare legs. These women are looking for a lightweight, breathable, second skin-like solution to painful inner thigh chafing and/or modesty concerns, especially during the hot summer or during a vacation down south. With fans around the world, Thigh Society was celebrating their tenth anniversary and looking to polish their image.

For the Love of Dogs

PuppyViewer: Four Signs of a Reputable Purebred Breeder: Health Clearances and More

Unethical dog breeding and treatment is widespread. From puppy mills to mass production facilities to dog brokers importing from other countries. No dog – or owner – should ever suffer. Working to stop harmful breeding practices will help that become a reality. PuppyViewer was created to raise awareness of this very harmful practice and help potential purebred dog owners make informed choices.

Designing Success for Social Media

Dafna Bell Interiors

Dafna Bell Interiors was looking to build a more cohesive social media presence based on best practices to stand out online. The company needed an informed and actionable strategy with quick wins and one-on-one training to support execution.

Creating a Compelling Social Media Presence for Delicate Subject Matter

Holocaust Memoirs Program - Find Your Voice - Brand Voice Exercise

The Azrieli Foundation is a non-profit inspired by Jewish values with a mission to improve the lives of present and future generations through education, research, healthcare and arts in mainly Canada and Israel. The Foundation was seeking ways to share and promote its Holocaust Survivor Memoirs Program on social media.

Issues & Crisis Management: A Digital Approach

Crisis Just Ahead

When a nation-wide crisis affected a client in the consumer-packaged goods industry, Spodek & Co. was called upon to help manage the event through digital issues and crisis management tactics. The client required a fast and effective strategic response that placed emphasis on customer wellbeing and safety – all while managing brand reputation. 

Increasing Sales & Safety During COVID-19

Colorado Safety Supply Company PPE Case Study

The COVID-19 pandemic affected businesses worldwide in unprecedented ways, but no one could have predicted the extreme impact it would have on companies serving essential workers and organizations. Colorado Safety Supply Company (CSSC) is a supplier and distributor of personal protective equipment (PPE) in industries such as construction, general industry, healthcare and more.