Creating a Compelling Social Media Presence for Delicate Subject Matter

The Issue

The Azrieli Foundation is a non-profit inspired by Jewish values with a mission to improve the lives of present and future generations through education, research, healthcare and arts in mainly Canada and Israel. The Foundation was seeking ways to share and promote its Holocaust Survivor Memoirs Program on social media.

The Holocaust Survivor Memoirs Program’s communications team needed strategies, supportive tactics, and guidance on social media tone and cadence built on best practices.

The Challenge 

Develop a workshop to help The Azrieli Foundation elevate its Holocaust Survivor Memoirs Program’s social media presence. Recommendations and promotional content had to be shaped in a way that was both reflective and respectful of the delicate nature of the program’s subject matter. Creating and sharing content in both French and English was also a top priority for both the Holocaust Survivor Memoirs Program and the Azrieli Foundation.

The Change

Spodek & Co. analyzed the Holocaust Survivor Memoirs Program’s digital presence and that of similar organizations from around the world, compiling a comparative SWOT analysis. We took a look at the Program’s digital procedures/practices to identify ways to align them with industry best practices. We presented tactics and strategies that would elevate the program’s online presence while being mindful of the delicate subject matter at hand.

Our team took time to research other bilingual organizations to provide the Holocaust Survivor Memoirs Program with a detailed game plan for developing and distributing content in both English and French on major social media platforms.

The session included practical, guided exercises to help participants immediately put their learning to the test.

The Outcome

A scalable workshop for businesses and non-profits to learn more about strategic social media. Since the presentation, the Holocaust Survivor Memoirs Program has continued to see online growth, as well as increased engagement, especially on key social channels like Facebook.

Some highlights:

  • Considerable increase in the number of Facebook post click-throughs and interactions
  • High-performing boosted posts
  • Marked increase in team confidence to cultivate a new, friendlier (even informal) tone in social media posts, which can be difficult when dealing with such serious, historical subject matter

Workshop participants said:

  • “The hands-on component of the workshop really helped us see how we could improve our work.”
  • “The workshop not only provided us with an insightful comparative analysis of our social media posts but also provided us innovative new ways we could use these platforms, such as creating new discussion groups.”
Line drawn peony from Spodek & Co Digital marketing site