Crowdfunding Webinar

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Part 1: Wednesday, October 5

Part 2: Thursday, October 6

Part 3: Friday, October 7  

@ 1 p.m. EST each day 

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This 3-part webinar series will uncover...

  • Why you need to pay attention to crowdfunding, how it works, and the unexpected opportunities it brings to almost every niche—start-ups, small businesses, artists, authors, screenwriters, educators and more. 
  • A recipe for success based on proven results, with ideas and concepts you can use for your own campaign + learn the common mistakes that prevent many campaigns from being funded. 
  • What your future could look like after a successfully funded crowdfunding campaign, with testimonials and commentary from people just like you who’ve been through it and are now reaping the rewards for their business. 
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"Eden worked tirelessly preparing for our crowdfunding initiative and engaged key influencers in real-time as we gathered public support. Her team was instrumental in reaching our target audience and our successful Kickstarter campaign goal." 

Evan Jones, Owner, Stitch Media and Founder of Together Tales 

In less than one hour each day, this three part masterclass series will teach exactly what you need to set your crowdfunding campaign off in the right direction, from point A to Z, and everything in between.  

You will walk away with actionable tips and advice that you can start using right away. 

And it's completely free. Plus, there will be a bonus or two thrown into the series.