Customer service tips for my hair salon


Dear hair salon,

I’ve been a regular customer of yours for more than two years now. I love that you’re with in walking distance from my home. The colour tech team is awesome, especially Sabrina. She does a great job of keeping my colour in check and making sure everyone else takes good care of me when I visit.

As much as you hold yourself up as a salon excelling in customer service and charge clients a premium for that privilege, here are some tips:

  • Adopt a competitive pricing model for products. Charging at least $4 more per bottle of shampoo than other distributors encourages your customers to shop elsewhere.
  • Please don’t post your email address on the “Salons & Services” contact page of your website. How else will customers and prospects know you “don’t reply to emails” when they’re trying to book an appointment?
  • When I call to book an appointment, I often get voicemail. Presumably this is because customers who are at your front desk are your first priority and getting the attention they deserve. If that’s the case, when I show up to book an appointment in person, please don’t ask me to “please wait a minute” while your consierge answers the phone – five times, including internal phone calls(!) – and there’s a lineup.

Thank you,
Reception (Photo credit: austinevan)

Line drawn peony from Spodek & Co Digital marketing site