Designing Success for Social Media

The Issue

Dafna Bell Interiors was looking to build a more cohesive social media presence based on best practices to stand out online. The company needed an informed and actionable strategy with quick wins and one-on-one training to support execution.

Working in a highly visual medium, it was critical to develop a social media presence for Dafna Bell Interiors that was reflective of the industry, showcasing past projects, the company’s unique aesthetic, new ideas, how-to guidelines, trends and more.

The Challenge

Empower Dafna Bell Interiors with social media best practices, insights, and industry trends on how to develop a strong presence with a content strategy for key channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and Houzz.

The Change

We took a deep dive into Dafna Bell Design’s social media profiles and recommended new channels where we felt the company should be present. We also examined the social media footprints of competitors in the interior design space and presented their take on best practices – and their shortcomings – to identify opportunities for Dafna Bell Design.

We developed content and branding recommendations using the paid, earned, shared and owned media tactics to help Dafna Bell Design cultivate an online community, including who to connect with, what topics to post about, when to post, and where.

A customized reporting dashboard was developed for Dafna Bell Interiors to track monthly social media wins and identify ways to optimize the recommended strategy as required.

We provided a customized one-hour training session to review the strategy and recommendations. It was important to Dafna Bell Interiors that the strategy and supporting documents be easy to understand and implement, and that’s exactly what we delivered.

The Outcome

Dafna Bell Interiors has an expanded digital footprint and continues to benefit from organic online growth using the strategies and best practices developed by Spodek & Co. The company set up public-facing profiles on Facebook and Instagram and continues to share visual updates regularly to showcase its design portfolio.

Line drawn peony from Spodek & Co Digital marketing site