Digital Marketing BrandingI think it’s safe to say Spring is finally here. In fact, it’s feeling a lot like summer here in Toronto. Sometimes it feels like seasons change in an instant. Which got me reflecting on how quickly the past year and a half has flown by. About 18 months ago, I shook things up in my business, changing my company name and our digital marketing branding.

So, in the spirit of seasons changing and new beginnings, I wanted to share what I learned in the process, in case the time comes for you to make changes to your digital marketing branding efforts.

Your Customer Owns How Your Digital Marketing Branding is Perceived

Here’s the backstory of how this all came about. Seriously, you just never know when inspiration will strike! Back in November, 2017, I attended an incredibly productive Business Mastermind meeting in Chicago led by Gini Dietrich. It allowed me to introduce my business to an amazing group of small business owners.

When looking at it from their “outsiders looking in perspective, I realized how they saw the company was not how I saw it. Of course, as Eden Spodek Inc., I thought I knew better than anyone what my brand represented. I lived and breathed it every single day, as did the other members of the team. But here’s the kicker – my clients and prospects didn’t.

Their only way to “know” what Eden Spodek Inc. was, was through what they saw and read on my website and on social media. Makes perfect sense, right? What I discovered was that they saw the business as a sole proprietorship offering social media as a predominant service. They owned this digital marketing branding perception. I didn’t.

Looking back at my old website, with the URL, name Eden Spodek Inc., and only my smiling face featured on the home page—it’s no wonder prospects thought I was a one-woman show! I was also really active on Twitter, which drove the social media association as well.

How to Change the Perception of Your Digital Marketing Branding

To change things up, and make sure I actively helped change that perception, I took a few simple, but thoughtful steps:

First, I asked my colleagues, past and current clients, mentors and friends about their perception of my business. This was informal, but very eye-opening. The lightbulb switched on almost immediately—it was clear people didn’t see a team or breadth of services within Eden Spodek Inc.

Next, I took a deeper look into who my ideal customer is, identifying their needs, challenges and the types of solutions they are seeking…and where they might be looking for them. Some of this information was gleaned in step one as well—two birds with one stone!

Armed with a better understanding of the current perception and a clearer picture of my ideal customer persona, we set about to change how our brand was being perceived. First, we chose a new (but not outrageously different) company name, one that illustrates that there’s a team behind the logo.

We also brainstormed and settled on a visual rebrand that’s welcoming, approachable and fresh. But we didn’t stop there! Messaging was massaged and the website was tweaked to speak to the full scope of services we offer.

It’s a Marathon Not a Sprint!

As the old saying goes, it’s a marathon not a sprint. Especially when talking about digital marketing and brand perception. That said, it only took us about 90 days to see real results! The perception had shifted and – bonus! – resulted in growth unlike anything I had experienced the six plus years prior when we were Eden Spodek Inc.
I had, of course, asked around, approached those pals and peers again, and took very unscientific polls focusing on the efficacy of the rebrand. Here are some of the reasons our new digital marketing branding worked:

Accurate Digital Marketing Branding: The branding on the site reflects the company as a whole—from the name itself, to the images and the content.

Clear Concise Company Messaging: Our “who we are” and “what we do” pages were more clearly described and prominently featured.

Experts Featured and Roles Defined: Our team of talented subject matter experts are now clearly featured on the website, with bios and pictures attached.

Increased Website and Content Offerings: We set about publishing more content, more frequently. We didn’t focus solely on the blog, but also created ebooks for the website, added a monthly newsletter (shameless plug – sign up here if you haven’t already!) and we increased social media sharing on more platforms, instead of being Twitter reliant.

The End Result

All of the above helped us convey more clearly that we have a broad service offering, a team full of subject matter experts ready to help, and, though virtual, we work collaboratively on every project we tackle.

Of course, we haven’t rested on our laurels, either. Fast forward to today, and we’ve continued to tweak and improve how we market ourselves. You might have noticed fresh new content on our blog recently. There are also fresh faces on our website, and a more robust social media presence.

Changing and improving our branding to better reflect who we are as a whole was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Spodek & Co. is growing, and we definitely don’t feel like the cobbler’s unshod children any longer!
So, there’s our story. What about you? Have you had success, or even failure, when you changed up your digital marketing branding? What did you learn through the process? Don’t be shy, hit reply to tell me about it.