For the Love of Dogs

The Issue

Unethical dog breeding and treatment is widespread. From puppy mills to mass production facilities to dog brokers importing from other countries. No dog – or owner – should ever suffer. Working to stop harmful breeding practices will help that become a reality. PuppyViewer was created to raise awareness of this very harmful practice and help potential purebred dog owners make informed choices.

The Challenge

Increase membership on, specifically among purebred dog breeders, owners and prospective owners. Online engagement and membership growth to be key performance indicators.

The Change

We rebranded PuppyViewer’s social media channels, optimized content and keywords for SEO and provided monthly support including social media content creation and publishing, and coaching. We also handled community management for a subject matter often fraught with controversy.

A paid social media strategy using Facebook and Instagram was created and launched, along with a Google AdWords campaign. The company was also guided through initial concept and launch of their blog, including ongoing content creation, SEO and editorial assistance.

The Outcome 

PuppyViewer has continued to see online growth, as well as increased engagement and social media impressions over the course of what is an ongoing program. Here are some highlights from the first year:

  • Online registrations grew month over month and the average monthly registrations was 225% of the goal.
  • Social media following more than doubled, a 137% increase from March 2018 to March 2019.
  • Instagram engagement skyrocketed – increased over 1,000% from March 2018 to March 2019.
Line drawn peony from Spodek & Co Digital marketing site