Goodbye Chub Rub!

The Issue

A champion of the body positivity movement, Thigh Society is a clothing brand that sells anti-chafing slip shorts and was created for women who love bare legs. These women are looking for a lightweight, breathable, second skin-like solution to painful inner thigh chafing and/or modesty concerns, especially during the hot summer or during a vacation down south. With fans around the world, Thigh Society was celebrating their tenth anniversary and looking to polish their image.

The Challenge

This thriving, body positive business was “growing up” – but only just a bit – and looking for sophisticated, simplified, all-new branding that would continue to cement Thigh Society’s reputation as a functional but fun, female empowering brand, and ensure that they stand out against the competition.

The Change

Collaborating with Scott Newlands Creative, one of our valued agency partners, Spodek & Co. refreshed Thigh Society’s visual brand, as well as its brand voice. After a deep-dive strategic analysis of the current brand, we defined new tone and personality, developed new brand terminology, catch-phrases, and language conventions. We also created a “Brand Guide” that mapped appropriate language usage across the web, including dos and don’ts, and correct usage of product features and definitions.

Visually, a brand was created that honoured the original, but was more appropriate for the direction in which the company was heading. Brand logotype, fonts and colours were tweaked, new colour palettes chosen and logos created, and special brand assets developed, including monograms, graphics, crests, and options for packaging inserts.

The Outcome

Thigh Society launched its new visual identity and brand refresh in April 2019 and continues to be a leader in its field. In 2021, Thigh Society CEO Marnie Rabinovitch Consky was named one of Bay Street Bull’s Women of the Year for her commitment to purpose-driven business and contributions to the body positivity movement.

Line drawn peony from Spodek & Co Digital marketing site