Regaining a charity of choice position using a social content strategy


Hospitals of Regina Foundation (HRF) was going through an organizational change and experiencing increased competition for charitable dollars. The one-time charity of choice needed to focus on staying relevant and regaining its position in the community. HRF engaged Spodek & Co. to help with some quick wins that would:

  • Regain and maintain share of voice amongst the community, donors and potential donors
  • Encourage social engagement and drive website traffic
  • Position the Foundation as a charity of choice using impactful, emotion-driven content
  • Present a more modern home page navigation experience, with new messaging, on its existing website platform


The Hospitals of Regina Foundation raises funds to improve and enhance health care for the residents of southern Saskatchewan. Since 1987, donors and community partners have donated more than $150 million for Regina’s three hospitals – Pasqua Hospital, Regina General Hospital and Wascana Rehabilitation Centre.


Amidst a growing competition for charitable dollars in the region and two significant fundraising initiatives, the client was experiencing a gap in knowledgeable staff to build and execute a social strategy. In addition, an antiquated website was effecting donor experience and not reaching the audience with the tone necessary to drive donations.

How We Helped

Spodek & Co. developed a content strategy focused on driving organic social media interactions and website traffic, as well as a quick fix to improve HRF’s first impression: its website’s homepage. The strategy included:

  • Implementing three primary themes of content storytelling on owned social media platforms:
    • Stories of impact – emotional stories focused on the impact donations have made on the lives of community members
    • Stories of giving – inspirational stories from donors about why they give and what it means to them
    • Stories of the community (curated) – sharing relevant insights, stories and news from community partners
  • Daily posting to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Driving impact in social posts by including branded images and videos
  • Monitoring social platforms for engagement, responding to comments and fielding questions
  • Creating a home page wireframe, including new content and images, that would simplify the visitor experience and drive visitors to the ‘donate’ button in fewer clicks

The Results

During the month of February 2016, when Spodek & Co. was tasked with executing the social content strategy and implementing website enhancements, the following results were achieved:

  • Increased social media referrals to the HRF website by 683% (548 referrals in February 2016 vs. 70 in January 2016)
  • 83% increase in website traffic overall
  • 93 new Likes of the HRF Facebook page, 29 new Twitter followers and 6 new follows on the LinkedIn page
  • Contributed to an increase in Donations