Social audio and video are not just fleeting trends. With rising popularity of social audio apps like Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces, and ever-growing interest in video-based platforms like TikTok, it’s clearer than ever that words alone are no longer enough to connect and build community online.

If you’re not already using audio and video to boost brand storytelling, you’re missing out on important growth opportunities to generate leads and influence purchase decisions.

Learn why video and audio are an essential part of your marketing mix, discover where it should live online, and how to share it with your audience to maximize results.

We’re Visual & Auditory Learners

When we think about the way we engage with and retain information, it’s no wonder video and audio content is on the rise.

Humans are visual creatures by nature, and in fact, 65% of us are visual learners. We learn best when content is summarized into smaller chunks that are easier to process and supported by imagery that’s relatable. Visuals also help with comprehension and retention.

“Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text” – Insivia

On top of that, 30% of us are aural or auditory learners and learn best when we hear sounds, rhythm, and music.

In total, that’s 95% of the population!

What is Social Audio?

We all know what social video is, but social audio is a little more ambiguous. It’s the next big thing to hit social media, but what is it exactly?

“More than 70% of US adults listened to digital audio content at least once a month last year, and 91.7% of this occurred via mobile.”- eMarketer

Think of social audio as a real-time podcast that you can listen in to, based on any subject that matters to you or your target audience. Clubhouse is the leader at the forefront of the social audio movement and has amassed over 10 million weekly active users to date, up from 60,000 since December 2020.

“Clubhouse has 10 million weekly active users, up from 60,000 in December 2020.” – Clubhouse, April 2021

Social audio also presents opportunities for target audience intelligence – all it takes is simply listening in to where customers may be spending their time.

It can be difficult to keep track of the growing list of social media platforms out there, what they look like, and what functions they serve. That’s why we’ve developed a helpful social media cheat sheet that breaks it all down and shows what you can expect when you log on to each platform. Get yours here.