Increasing Sales & Safety During COVID-19

The Issue

The COVID-19 pandemic affected businesses worldwide in unprecedented ways, including those in essential industries.

Colorado Safety Supply Company (CSSC) is a supplier and distributor of safety items and personal protective equipment (PPE) operating in Aurora, Colorado. Founded in 2012, CSSC is built on a passion for making a positive impact in industries like construction, healthcare, and more.

At the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, CSSC faced an important challenge: to deliver highly-demanded PPE to those who needed it most within Colorado and across the United States, all on an urgent timeline.

The Challenge

While CSSC’s existing website was robust, navigation was confusing and overwhelming. The company needed a solution to make purchasing PPE in record-breaking demand more efficient and convenient.

CSSC also wanted to use its digital footprint to communicate the importance of approved PPE over less costly (and less effective) solutions and share the ways the company was helping their community and giving back during a difficult time.

The Change

In collaboration with our trusted agency partner, Scott Newlands Creative, we developed a PPE product page for CSSC on a new domain dedicated to the company’s PPE stock, community partnerships, and training programs.

Spodek & Co. also developed key messaging and tone to support the campaign, as well as a series of social media posts for engagement on Facebook and LinkedIn.

It was critical to develop messaging that was sensitive to the gravity of the global pandemic while also sharing informative and helpful content that would drive sales and interest among existing and potential customers.

The Outcome

With a dedicated product page for COVID-19 PPE and support, existing and new clients were able to connect with CSSC and easily secure in-demand products and services during the height of the pandemic.

See some of our outstanding results below:

  • Facebook engagement increased by 159%
  • Facebook post reach grew by 121%
  • Facebook Page traffic increased by over 25%
  • PPE email campaign generated a click-through rate of 11% (over five times higher than the industry average of 2.26%)
Line drawn peony from Spodek & Co Digital marketing site