Issues & Crisis Management: A Digital Approach

The Issue

When a nation-wide crisis affected a client in the consumer-packaged goods industry, Spodek & Co. was called upon to help manage the event through digital issues and crisis management tactics. The client required a fast and effective strategic response that placed emphasis on customer wellbeing and safety – all while managing brand reputation. 

The Challenge

Execute an issues management strategy to effectively address the issue and communicate with key stakeholders via digital channels.

The Change 

Drawing on the team’s breadth of experience, Spodek & Co. launched a digital crisis management plan drawing on industry best practices. All scheduled social media posts were suspended, and detailed information-based content was deployed to educate customers on company response and place emphasis on their health and safety.

Sophisticated monitoring in place, the client was unable to update their website and the only way they could communicate with customers and other members of the public besides issuing a news release (and speaking with mainstream media) was through their Facebook page.

The Outcome

One month after the crisis, Spodek & Co. learned customer sentiment remained positive, sales stayed strong, and their Facebook page gained Likes (as opposed to losing them).

Despite the crisis, Spodek & Co. achieved impressive results within the first year:

  • Facebook reach grew by 1,950%
  • Facebook engagement increased by 215%
Line drawn peony from Spodek & Co Digital marketing site