Purpose-driven weddings #coolerthancityhall

The Issue

Gone are the days of traditional weddings — brides and grooms are looking for better, more sustainable ways to tie the knot that come with less stress, fewer impacts on the environment, and more benefits for their community.

The Pop-Up Chapel Co. is an innovator in the wedding and special events space, creating one-of-a-kind wedding experiences for couples that are paired with a unique community give-back element. To date, the company has married more than 400 couples and raised over $100K for charities across Canada. The Pop-Up Chapel Co. focuses on conducting its business with attention to inclusivity, social consciousness, and sustainability.

With new leadership at the helm, there was no better time for The Pop-Up Chapel Co. to take a look at its current marketing strategy. The team was looking for new ways to achieve quick marketing wins for the business ahead of another busy wedding season, ultimately driving increased brand awareness and customer engagement — and Spodek & Co. was up for the challenge.

The Challenge

After a closer look, we found that while The Pop-Up Chapel Co. had several excellent initiatives already in place, there was a lack of formal strategy to guide marketing activities. And with a limited budget and resources, we had to get extra-creative with our recommendations to keep costs low. There was also the challenge of time: With wedding season just around the corner, The Pop-Up Chapel Co. needed recommendations that could be implemented immediately with little turnaround time for results.

The Change

Spodek & Co. got to work right away to deliver a list of strategic action items that wouldn’t take long to implement but could pack a real punch.

We started with a high-level audit to get a snapshot of the current market landscape and trends, as well as more information about key audiences. With a closer look here, we were able to identify the business’s strengths and weaknesses, plus new opportunities to boost marketing effectiveness and brand performance. Our team then got to work to develop strategies and supporting tactics, building the most effective marketing mix for The Pop-Up Chapel Co., focusing on content, community, and technical optimization.

Understanding that community give-back is such an important aspect of The Pop-Up Chapel Co.’s business model, we took extra care to ensure that all facets of the recommended marketing strategy highlighted its purpose-driven perspective.

The Outcome

We delivered a digital audit and strategy with low-cost (and even free!), easily implemented tactical recommendations and walked The Pop-Up Chapel Co. team through the details, answering questions and providing guidance where necessary. And because you can’t manage what you can’t measure, we also included recommendations to help The Pop-Up Chapel Co. develop a custom measurement dashboard to track wins and progress moving forward.

Here’s what Alicia Thurston, the CEO and creative director of The Pop-Up Chapel Co., had to say about the experience and outcome:

“Our business has gained so much relevant information and we are excited to implement some of the suggestions made during our meeting. Thanks to Spodek & Co.’s expertise, we are confident that we will see a significant increase in brand awareness and customer engagement.”

Line drawn peony from Spodek & Co Digital marketing site