Social Media Spring Cleaning and Why it’s Important

Social Media Spring CleaningWhen’s the last time you did a good old fashioned “Spring cleaning” job on your social media accounts? I don’t know about you, but in my neck of the woods, Spring hasn’t sprung quite yet. That said, lion or lamb, the advent of the Spring season always inspires cleaning and reorganizing

Here’s why it’s important not to set it and forget it in social. And some things you can do to freshen up your social media footprint.

Social Media Spring Cleaning

Your social media properties can get a little dusty over time, and it’s important to liven them up every once in a while. It keeps your community engaged, and lets them know you’re current, aware, active and available. It also helps you kick butt in business.

Here’s how we updated our social media accounts recently, and what you might want to try too!

Four Areas To Tweak When Social Media Spring Cleaning

Profile and Cover Image: Say buh-bye to winter with a fresh new look. We kept our profile image the same since its core to our brand, but we switched up the cover image. Think themes when choosing your cover image, and don’t be afraid to switch it out often (see below).

TIP: Keep the branding of the cover image consistent with your overall colours and tone, but occasionally change the image, graphic, text or call to action to welcome your community with something new.

About Section: A check of the About section on our Facebook business page (do this on Twitter also) revealed a few opportunities for improvement. First, we made sure the description was on-par with our brand message. Then we changed our call-to-action button and switched up the order of our services to match how they appear on our website. Have you had staff changes? Brought in new skill-sets? Be sure and add those too.

TIP: Also add keywords relevant to your products or services in your About section. This will help maximize your pages’ reach in search.

Review and Organize Followers: We did a deep-dive review of our social media friends, fans and followers. This helped us do two things: ditch the spam and trolls and remind us of all the excellent connections we have in our community. Who haven’t we reached out to in a while? What awesome new people have joined our community without us even realizing it? Look to focus on people you really want in your tribe and take the time and effort to nurture those relationships (especially the new ones!).

TIP: Categorize your Facebook and Twitter followers using lists. On Twitter, if you have loads of followers, doing this allows you to easily monitor feeds within each list. On Facebook, you can also post “list-relevant” content to the people you are sure will want to see it.

Content Cleanup: Don’t forget to take a critical eye to your website’s content as well. Are there outdated posts? Have events or orders expired? Has your business pivoted over the past year and you’re finding stale content that’s 100 percent not relevant to your business goals or your community any longer? If you can’t freshen dated content, then consider deleting. I personally find it annoying when businesses don’t remove time-limited offers or links to old website pages with 404 errors. It looks sloppy and teases your community with content they can’t access!

TIP: Get in the habit of doing this a few times a year. Maybe add it to your quarterly clean-up calendar. And when it comes to your social media real estate, do it more often than that. It’s easy for messages to be missed in a long stream of tweets or community posts, and missed messages lead to missed opportunities, and could affect your bottom line.

What do I really love about these tips? They don’t take too long to implement and they’re a simple way to refresh your connection to your online community. Let me know what you think? When was the last time you showed your social media accounts and website some love? Do you have any additional tips to share? We would love to hear them.

Line drawn peony from Spodek & Co Digital marketing site