The Weekly Download – August 19, 2022

Happy Friday! We hope you’re out there soaking up the mystique that is late summer, whether it’s on a patio in the city or on a deck up at the cottage. While you’re easing into the weekend, check out the latest installment of the Weekly Download.  This week, Instagram continues to copy TikTok, third-party Amazon […]

The Weekly Download – December 4, 2020

December’s here, and so is another edition of The Weekly Download!  There’s plenty to discuss this week, so let’s get right to it: Not-Amazon makes shopping local easier, Salesforce buys Slack, TikTok tests longer videos, Apple releases its list of top free apps of 2020, Facebook helps businesses boost their social impact, Twitter shares tips […]

The Weekly Download – January 31, 2020

After what feels like forever, we’ve finally arrived at the end of January! Here’s the scoop on this week: How the Internet is honouring the late Kobe Bryant, Facebook’s redesign and “clear history” button, coronavirus and the spread of misinformation, Bell Let’s Talk, the best Superbowl ads this year (so far), more new emojis, and […]

The Weekly Download – August 23, 2019

Weekly Download Aug 23

Welcome back to The Weekly Download! The weekend is beckoning, so let’s get to it! We’re chatting about Amazon’s customer information leak, Shopify’s new web chat service, Facebook’s much anticipated “Off-Facebook Activity” tool, and Apple’s big push into TV. To finish it all off, we have some super cute Friday Fun that might be one […]

The Weekly Download – May 24, 2019

The Weekly Download - May 24, 2019

Busy week? Feeling like you’re a little behind on current events? We’ve got your back! It’s time for The Weekly Download. Canada’s new “digital charter”, Snapchat’s snooping scandal, Facebook’s fake accounts problem and smart tech are all on the docket today. Plus, Kim Kardashian had some beef with Jack In The Box and other fast […]

The Weekly Download – April 5, 2019

It’s time to kickstart another weekend with The Weekly Download! Today we’re recapping some April Fool’s Day winners, revealing the #SephoraSquad, and saying goodbye to Google+ and AirPower. We’re also looking at new Australian laws and the fines social networks will face for violent content sharing and wrapping things up with some seriously epic (and […]

Three Common eCommerce Pain Points

E-Commerce Pain Points

You’ve put a lot of hard work into growing your eCommerce business. And your goal is to convert browsers – digital window shoppers – into purchasers. But sales aren’t where you would like them to be. So, what’s up? Let’s have a look at three common eCommerce pain points that result in abandoned shopping carts. […]

The Weekly Download – December 21, 2018

Weekly Download December 21, 2020

Happy Friday, everyone! Welcome to the holiday edition of The Weekly Download. We’ll try to keep it short and sweet – but, busy holiday season or not, there always seems to be a lot of fires in the digital world! On today’s agenda, we’re going to tackle Facebook’s data sharing abuse, yet again. Instagram’s new […]

The Weekly Download – December 14, 2018

Weekly Download December 14, 2020

Is it Friday already? Whew, the days are flying by! Another successful week calls for the next installment of The Weekly Download. There’s lots to chat about today, including Google’s mock ad fiasco, Amazon’s plans to open a cashier’less Amazon Go store, and TIME Magazine’s “people” of the Year. And, as if we needed reminding, […]

The Weekly Download – December 7, 2018

Weekly Download December 7, 2018

It’s Friday! You know what that means – another installment of The Weekly Download. What’s new in the digital world this week? Instagram focusses on Close Friends—while Netflix focusses  on Friends of another kind! Burger King’s launched a Whopper of a campaign (expertly trolling McDonald’s, if I dare say so myself!), Quora’s been hacked, Amazon […]