The Weekly Download – May 8, 2020

Weekly Download May 8

Happy Friday and welcome back to The Weekly Download!  Here’s what we’re chatting about today: Apple’s new initiative to assist during emergency calls, Facebook closes in on 3 billion users, Zoom acquires security startup Keybase, Google launches “Read Along”, the world’s first-ever magazine cover shot on iPhone, Twitter nudges users to use a little less […]

The Weekly Download – September 30, 2019

Weekly Download Sept 30

Welcome back! Fall has officially arrived, and so has another installment of The Weekly Download. Here’s what’s on the agenda today: Twitter’s new DM function, TikTok’s Chinese censorship efforts, how voter manipulation on social media has become a global issue, the fight against climate change, and much more. Twitter Tests a New Way to Easily […]

The Weekly Download – September 14, 2018

Weekly Download September 14, 2018

Can you believe we’re already half way through September? From now through year end, see how time flies… Perhaps you’ll even be doing that with your new Apple Watch? This week’s installment of The Weekly Download focuses on Apple’s release of three new iPhones, Instagram’s new resource for parents, Uber’s plans to extend transportation options, […]

The Weekly Download – April 6, 2018

The Weekly Download - April 6, 2018

Lots of Instagram and Facebook news to share this week (including just how many Canadians were affected by the Cambridge Analytica scandal). We’re also chatting about social media’s potential role in the U.S. visa applications process and Ad Standards Canada’s new influencer disclosure guidelines. Facebook to fight fake news with author info and publisher context […]