How to Develop and Implement an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

An image depicting the effect of digital marketing services that Spodek & Co. offers on your business symbolised by a rocket and a bar chart.

Unsurprisingly, a solid digital marketing strategy is essential for businesses to grow and thrive in the modern market.  The good news: by aligning your digital marketing efforts with your business goals, it’s possible to effectively reach and engage your target audience, drive qualified traffic to your website, and ultimately achieve measurable success.  Whether you’re a […]

5 Reasons You Should Hire a Marketing Agency

The marketing world is constantly changing, and the last couple of years have seen the pace of this change accelerated. Last month in the newsletter we talked about how the pandemic has resulted in the fastest and most complete shift in consumer expectations we’ve ever seen. It’s getting harder for brands to stand out to […]

Four Things to Remember When Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Agency

Ok. You’ve decided the time is now to really beef up your online presence. You want to start researching digital marketing agencies. But where do you start? And how do you determine whether a particular digital marketing agency is the right fit for you? As a business owner, managing new business inquiries is one of […]