The Weekly Download – June 11, 2021

Happy Friday and welcome back to The Weekly Download! And a very happy Reopening Day to our Ontario friends! Here’s the digital marketing and tech news you need that you might have missed this week: Twitter adds a ‘subscribe’ button to boost newsletter subscribers, Facebook contemplates an Instagram platform for younger users, Apple’s latest test […]

The Weekly Download – July 3, 2020

Weekly Download July 3

Happy July, and welcome back to another edition of The Weekly Download! Here’s the digital news you might have missed out on this week: More big businesses step up to boycott Facebook ads over hate concerns, Facebook’s response, Instagram tests new Stories format, and further privacy concerns about TikTok on iOS. For Friday Fun, we’re […]

The Weekly Download – May 8, 2020

Weekly Download May 8

Happy Friday and welcome back to The Weekly Download!  Here’s what we’re chatting about today: Apple’s new initiative to assist during emergency calls, Facebook closes in on 3 billion users, Zoom acquires security startup Keybase, Google launches “Read Along”, the world’s first-ever magazine cover shot on iPhone, Twitter nudges users to use a little less […]

The Weekly Download – September 13, 2019

Weekly Download Sept 13

It might be Friday the 13th, but you’re about to get lucky! It’s time once again for The Weekly Download. On the docket today: what’s new from Apple, how Facebook will pick the news you see in its app, Canada’s Bianca Andreescu’s amazing US Open win, how you can “date” Colonel Sanders (yes, really), the […]

The Weekly Download – January 5, 2018

Weekly Download Jan 5, 2018

Welcome to our first edition of The Weekly Download for 2018! Today we’ve got an eclectic mix of news for you, including Mark Zuckerberg’s New Year’s resolution, how to preserve your iPhone’s battery life, YouTube’s latest scandal, a behind-the-scenes look at content in the making, and of course, some Friday Fun. More than 10 million […]

The Weekly Download – December 29, 2017

The Weekly Download - December 29, 2017

Today marks the final installment of The Weekly Download for 2017 – how will you be ringing in the new year? Here’s what we’ve all been talking about this week: Apple’s apology, how Facebook ads are excluding older job seekers, new social app updates, doggos and a version of Uptown Funk that you don’t want […]

The Weekly Download – November 3, 2017

The Weekly Download - November 3, 2017

Have you recovered yet from Halloween? If we have to look at another mini chocolate bar ever again, it would be too soon! This week we’re chatting about the benefits of CASL (yes, you read that right!), your iPhone’s somewhat creepy AI, Facebook’s new “Sets,” the price businesses and consumers pay for online reviews, and […]

The Weekly Download – September 15, 2017

The Weekly Download - September 15, 2017

Well, hello there! We’re glad to see you again. Welcome back for another edition of The Weekly Download, where we round up some of the week’s top stories in business and digital. From the new iPhone X to a tiny Torontonian making headlines for his love of learning, here’s what you might have missed this […]

Hanukkah miracles do happen

ipod menorah

Although I’m not religious, holiday traditions are important to our family. Last night as we were sitting at the dinner table with the candles burning brightly, we somehow got back on the topic of the missing iPod Touch. Last February when I bought an iPhone, my younger son “adopted” my iPod Touch. It ended up […]