The Weekly Download – May 15, 2020

Weekly Download May 15

Welcome back to another edition of The Weekly Download!  This weekend marks the first long weekend of the summer for Canadians, and although the holiday is going to look a little different this year, we still want to send you on your way with the top digital marketing news and Friday Fun. On the agenda: […]

The Weekly Download – April 10, 2020

Weekly Download April 10

Welcome back to The Weekly Download! We’re sharing another edition of our weekly digital marketing roundup a day early this week in light of the holidays. Whether it be Passover, Easter, or Ramadan, we wish you all a wonderful holiday, whatever you’re celebrating! While the get-togethers might look a little different this year, we hope […]

The Weekly Download – March 27, 2020

Weekly Download March 27

Welcome back to The Weekly Download! We hope you’re all keeping well and adjusting to the new normal. Here’s what’s on the docket today: Justin Trudeau gets some celebrity assistance to encourage people to stay home, how to “look for the helpers”, innovation from Dyson for COVID19 patients, new demands on tech as more people […]

The Weekly Download – August 30, 2019

Weekly Download Aug 30

Labour Day weekend marks the unofficial end of summer, but don’t worry! We’ve got another edition of The Weekly Download to brighten your day. On the agenda today: how an influencer is being blackmailed for her own content, people are stepping up to save the Amazon, the ups and downs of TikTok’s virality, and Google […]

The Weekly Download – August 2, 2019

Weekly Download August 2

What’s better than a Friday before a long weekend? A Friday before a long weekend with a side of The Weekly Download!  Here’s what you might have missed this week: Capital One’s massive data breach, YouTubers fight back against demonetization, PM Justin Trudeau makes Pride history and Facebook wants to read your mind. Plus, did […]

The Weekly Download – June 30, 2017

The Weekly Download - June 30, 2017

I’m kicking this Weekly Download off with a big Happy Canada Day to our Canadian friends! How will you be celebrating 150 years of our great country? This week we’re talking about Snap Maps, a Harry Potter milestone, filters and visual effects on the rise, and of course, what would Canada’s 150th birthday be without […]

The Weekly Download – August 5, 2016

The Weekly Download – August 5, 2016

So, despite it being August, this has been a busy week for social media platforms. Before we get to that, let’s talk about a growing Facebook trend: unfriending. Specifically, people in the U.S. who have been posting “unfriending declarations”. Why? Because the upcoming presidential election is nasty and polarizing. People are trolling and fighting on […]

The Weekly Download – Canada Day, 4th of July Edition

The Weekly Download – Canada Day, 4th of July Edition

Happy Canada Day! And Happy 4th of July-in-advance! In honour of the holiday weekend in Canada and the United States, enjoy this special edition of The Weekly Download with a focus on some of the celebratory stories that came across my feed this week. If you’re participating in any Pride celebrations this weekend, let’s hope you can […]