The Weekly Download – July 15, 2022

Happy Friday! It has been a week, and only part of that is because of the latest shenanigans courtesy of Elon Musk and Twitter. (U.S. legal Twitter has been having the best time looking at the recently released docs.)  Other than that, find out what the most popular emoji in Canada is, how you can […]

The Weekly Download – February 14, 2020

Weekly Download Feb 14

Happy Friday, and Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re celebrating today or not, we’re serving up some weekly digital marketing news that’s sure to give you the warm fuzzies. On the agenda: the future of IGTV monetization, the rejected Oscars ad making headlines, a viral broom trick “sweeping” the internet, how Canada is cracking down on […]

The Weekly Download – October 18, 2019

Weekly Download October 18

Welcome back to The Weekly Download!  It might have been a short week, but there was certainly no shortage of digital marketing and tech news. On the docket today: users suffer #FacebookLockout after reporting spam accounts, women make history in space, Mark Zuckerberg’s thoughts on social media and free speech, and some “friendly” Friday Fun. […]

The Weekly Download – March 29, 2019

Weekly Download March 29, 2019

Another week has come and gone… let’s see what you might have missed out on, shall we? On today’s Weekly Download docket: how an Android app scheme could be killing your battery (and data), Nasa’s cancelled all-female spacewalk, Canadians doing awesome things, Apple’s new credit card, a Twitter prank leading to user lockout, Facebook and […]