The Weekly Download – March 30, 2018

The Weekly Download - March 30, 2018

In honor of this short week, we’ve got a condensed version of The Weekly Download to share with you today! On the docket: Facebook’s Privacy Shortcuts, a new winner in the battle between SEO and social, podcast recommendations, changes to Instagram’s algorithm, and Passover explained. Facebook announces Privacy Shortcuts Still dealing with the fallout from […]

The Weekly Download – May 5, 2017

The Weekly Download - May 5, 2017

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Will you be celebrating? Here’s a fun fact for your Friday: Americans consume 81 million pounds of avocado on Cinco de Mayo. That’s a whole lot of guacamole! And for a celebration of a different kind, will you be geeking out with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 this weekend? We’re […]

The Weekly Download – September 2, 2016

The Weekly Download – September 2, 2016

If you’re like most people I know, this week was the last relaxing stretch before Labour Day. Lots is happening in September and everyone is scrambling to get ready for product launches, announcements, back-to-school, special events… and the list goes on. So, starting at the end of business today (whatever time that is for you […]

The Weekly Download – August 5, 2016

The Weekly Download – August 5, 2016

So, despite it being August, this has been a busy week for social media platforms. Before we get to that, let’s talk about a growing Facebook trend: unfriending. Specifically, people in the U.S. who have been posting “unfriending declarations”. Why? Because the upcoming presidential election is nasty and polarizing. People are trolling and fighting on […]

The Weekly Download – July 8, 2016

The Weekly Download – July 8, 2016

I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend. It’s always strange after the July long weekend because of the different day off north and south of the border. It was an exciting week for me because I held my first educational webinar outside of the work I’ve been doing with U of T School of […]

The Weekly Download – Canada Day, 4th of July Edition

The Weekly Download – Canada Day, 4th of July Edition

Happy Canada Day! And Happy 4th of July-in-advance! In honour of the holiday weekend in Canada and the United States, enjoy this special edition of The Weekly Download with a focus on some of the celebratory stories that came across my feed this week. If you’re participating in any Pride celebrations this weekend, let’s hope you can […]

Introducing Ada’s Sisters – a new podcast

Ada's Sisters hosted by Angela Misri & Eden Spodek

This summer has been a time for renewal – I’ve been working on exciting changes for the business and creating new things. Angela Misri mentioned she had an idea she wanted to run by me. She shared her idea for a new podcast with two women co-hosts: us! How could I refuse? After much planning […]