Slow Marketing: How Putting on the Brakes Can Lead to Success

Slow marketing

Slow marketing isn’t new. But it is something that doesn’t appear to be top of mind these days. And there are a number of reasons for that. With most of us constantly attached to technology, our day to day world moves at a never before seen pace. We spend our waking hours bombarded with ads, […]

What small businesses need to know about crowdfunding

What small businesses need to know about crowdfunding

Crowdfunding. It’s very sexy right now and if you’re like many people, you may not know how to decide if crowdfunding is the right approach for your business. You might see crowdfunding only as a fundraising tool. Did you know it’s also a PR and marketing tactic to help raise awareness for products, services and causes? […]

Should you outsource your content marketing?

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That was the question posed to several of us in a recent interview by Michelle Little for The Globe and Mail Small Business. Mark John Hiemstra, former marketing communications manager at Montreal-based, start-up GuestDriven, believes it’s crucial for small businesses to tell their own stories and keep the content development in-house. John Blown, managing director at […]