The Weekly Download – April 13, 2018

Spodek & Co. Weekly Download April 13, 2018#HumboldtStrong, Instagram’s new “Focus” mode, how to check whether your data was shared with Cambridge Analytica, and more in this week’s edition of The Weekly Download.

The world stands with the Humboldt Broncos

Canada – and the world – is mourning the devastating loss of 16 members of the Humboldt Broncos Junior A hockey team following a horrific bus accident last week. Around the world, people donned jerseys and put their #sticksoutforhumboldt to show their support for the victims and their loved ones.



A GoFundMe campaign was setup to raise money for those affected, and it’s quickly become one of the crowdfunding platform’s largest campaigns. With just over 119,000 donations, the campaign has raised more than $10 million so far (and counting).  

How to check whether your data was shared with Cambridge Analytica

More details are emerging in the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica case. This week, information was released concerning how users can tell if their data was compromised as part of the scandal.

While Facebook eventually hopes to inform every user who was affected with a warning at the top of their news feed, for now, you can visit a new help page set up by Facebook to see if your information was at risk. Most users will see a message saying that “neither you nor your friends logged into ‘This Is Your Digital Life’”, the personality quiz that Cambridge Analytica used to gather its data.

For 87 million individuals, a different response will be displayed, saying “a friend of yours did log in”. Seeing this message means that their information (and potentially the contents of their news feed) were likely shared with Cambridge Analytica.

Instagram introduces new “Focus” mode

For users looking to take sharper selfies and portraits, Instagram has introduced a new “Focus” mode. The effect simulates “bokeh” — an aesthetic that is created when the focal point of an image is juxtaposed against a blurred background.

You can find the new ‘Focus’ effect when taking either a photo or video within the app next to other effects like superzoom and boomerang. Focus mode can be used with either the front or rear-facing camera.

Friday Fun

Mark Zuckerberg as Data from ‘Star Trek’ is slightly scary but also spot on
Mark Zuckerberg testified before congress this week in light of the Cambridge Analytica scandal and someone took the opportunity to photoshop this image for the Internet:

Lt. Commander Zuck in court after his plan to study humans in greater detail backfires
by u/EvanOfTheYukon in pics



Mad Lib Theater with Kerry Washington
With only one episode of Scandal left, Kerry Washington showed how different she really is from Olivia Pope in this almost NSFW version of Mad Lib Theatre on last night’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Who wouldn’t love to see her in a comedic role next?

Line drawn peony from Spodek & Co Digital marketing site