Weekly Buzz: ChatGPT Prioritizes Privacy Enhancements

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It’s time to review some of the digital marketing and tech news that you should have on your radar this week, including new ChatGPT privacy options, TikTok’s latest move to capitalize on generative AI trends, YouTube’s “Try a Trend” series, and the mass exodus happening on Twitter. Plus, we’re sharing some Friday fun that’s sure to put a smile on your face after a long week.

ChatGPT introduces new privacy options

Introduced by OpenAI this week, a new ChatGPT setting allows users to disable their chat history, keeping their chats private. When disabled, any content shared with the system is not used to improve the model — instead, these conversations are retained for 30 days, and then deleted from the system.

The new option can be found in ChatGPT’s settings and can be changed at any time. (While the ability to opt out of data sharing did exist previously, doing so was more complicated and less accessible, requiring users to search and read through an article about OpenAI’s privacy policy to find a related form.)

Given the extensive concerns raised regarding the platform’s privacy risks as well as the discussion surrounding its ethical impact, it’s not particularly surprising that OpenAI is introducing new safety measures. But will the new privacy features be enough?

TikTok tests generative AI profile images 

And speaking of AI, TikTok is the latest social media platform testing a new feature that takes advantage of the trendy tech.

Discovered and shared by social media expert Matt Navarra, it appears that TikTok is developing a new feature that would allow users to create a custom AI-generated profile image.

The premise is simple, but fun: A user can upload 3 to 10 photos of themselves, and TikTok’s system will generate a variety of different looks that can be used as avatars.

It appears the feature is still in test mode, with no confirmation on launch, but it’s another reminder that AI is at the forefront of social media these days, with most of the big players scrambling to take advantage of the trend.

YouTube introduces “Try a Trend” series to inspire creators

A new series from YouTube is helping creators and marketers get ahead of the platform’s latest content trends and insights to boost their own content creation efforts. 

Here’s how YouTube explains “Try a Trend”:

“Today, we’re launching a new series where we surface trends that really pop, that our experts are seeing around the world on YouTube. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next video, general YouTube knowledge, or opportunities to get ahead of rising trends, here are some key trends and insights to chew on.”

The monthly video series will highlight five top trends identified by YouTube’s research team and will explain what the trend is, how it works, and how it can be adapted for content. While the series seems mostly geared toward creators, it’s worth noting there are important insights for marketers, too.

Check out the video below to learn more and discover the first five emerging trends:

LGBTQ centres deactivate Twitter accounts following new hate speech policy

Another week, another mass exodus from Twitter. This time, multiple regional LGBTQ community centres have deactivated their accounts in response to the company’s recent controversial policy changes surrounding hate speech and misinformation.

CenterLink, a nonprofit network of more than 325 LGBTQ organizations, spearheaded the charge, noting that Twitter’s policy changes have made the platform an unsafe space.

“Twitter has become increasingly unsafe in recent months for LGBTQ and BIPOC people with anti-LGBTQ, anti-trans, anti-Black, and antisemitic tweets on the rise. The removal of this policy was the last straw,” said Denise Spivak, CEO of CenterLink, in a discussion with Mashable

It’s clear that the changes have further eroded trust in Twitter, which has seen a huge drop in users, verified accounts, and advertisers since Elon Musk assumed his position as CEO in 2022. 

Friday Fun

Admit it — we’ve all been there at the Starbucks drive-through! This cute video of a grandpa placing his first Starbucks order (with the “help” of his grandkids) is too good not to share.

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