The Weekly Download – April 30, 2021

We’re closing out another month with a new edition of The Weekly Download! On the agenda today:

The arrival of iOS 14.5 and the impact on marketing analytics, lead generation forms and other new updates to LinkedIn Product Pages, the state of social media use in 2021, Twitter launches a test of ‘Professional Profiles’ for brands and creators, and Friday Fun.

iOS 14.5 and the Impact on Marketing Analytics

iOS 14.5 is here and marketers are worried. For weeks the talk has been about how the update will potentially impact the ability to collect user data. But now that the update has finally arrived, just how troublesome is iOS 14.5?

iOS 14.5 defaults to the strictest privacy settings, meaning marketers will not be able to extract user data unless the user has enabled it in the operating system first. We know that the likelihood of users enabling this setting are pretty slim, so how will it affect data?

Some good news: according to an article by Christopher S Penn, there’s no noticeable data loss.

Catch out the in-depth review below:

Lead Generation Forms and Other New Updates to LinkedIn Product Pages

Lead generation forms are LinkedIn’s latest update to Product Pages, the social network’s tool that allows users to collect qualified leads directly within the platform. In an announcement this week, LinkedIn informed users that new Search and SEO features are on their way, helping connect buyers and sellers more effectively through Product Pages.

Learn more about LinkedIn Product Pages and the latest update here

The State of Social Media Use in 2021

According to a new Pew Research Center survey of Americas, roughly seven-in-ten adults say they use any kind of social media site – a pretty stable figure over the past five years.

Beyond overall social media use, the survey also asks about individual sites and apps. The results say YouTube and Facebook continue to dominate the online landscape, with YouTube and Reddit driving statistically significant growth since 2019 (the last time data was available). Other platforms of note include Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

You can check out the report in full here.

Twitter Tests ‘Professional Profiles’ for Brands and Creators

Twitter is officially launching a live test of its new ‘Professional Profiles’, described as a new way for brands to present themselves on the platform.

Here’s what Twitter had to say about the new tool:

“Professional Profiles … will allow businesses, non-profits, publishers, and creators – anyone who uses Twitter for work – to display specific information about their business directly on their profile. We’re starting with a small pool of businesses in the U.S. and will give more accounts access to Professional Profiles in the coming months.”

As pictured above, Professional Profiles include more information within the main profile, and an updated profile layout that will make it easier for customers to contact brands.

Friday Fun

Please pass the tissues!

Line drawn peony from Spodek & Co Digital marketing site