The Weekly Download – August 25, 2017

Spodek & Co Weekly Download - August 25, 2017Who had a chance to check out the solar eclipse this week? It was certainly a hot topic of conversation! Were you able to get your hands on a pair of eclipse glasses, or did you DIY some protective eyewear?

There’s a lot of news and helpful tips to cover this week, so let’s jump right in!

From a philanthropic pup, to top-selling words for social media, and an influencer relationship gone wrong, we’ve certainly got a lot to cover.

McDonald’s new McCafé digital campaign rolls out in India

Whatever the moment or feeling might be, McDonald’s wants you to know that there’s always McCafé for it!

In an attempt to bring McDonald’s McCafé premium offerings to life, McDonald’s India has rolled out a digital campaign called ‘There’s A McCafé For That’.

Says Rajdeepak Das, chief creative officer of Leo Burnett India, the agency behind the new campaign, “People come to McCafé to celebrate everything going on in their lives, over a beverage – highs and lows, love, romance, friendship, reunions. Every item on the McCafe menu means something different to each person, and has a story.”

What are your thoughts on the campaign? It’s certainly giving us a craving for a caffeinated treat!

#BellLetsTalk becomes the most-used hashtag on Twitter

The #BellLetsTalk hashtag tops the list of Canada’s top 5 hashtags of all time, as shared by Twitter Canada earlier this week.

The hashtag, a cornerstone of Bell’s mental health campaign, had over 729 million interactions in 2017 and has helped raise over $86 million for mental health initiatives in Canada since its inception.

YouTube star Bethany Mota sued over failed skincare campaign

Bethany Mota, a YouTube star with over 10 million YouTube subscribers and over 5.7 million Instagram followers, is being sued for failing to deliver content under contract with a skincare company.

Studio 71, a company that pairs influencers with brands, contracted Mota for $325,000 and flew her and her dad/manager to Hawaii to film for the campaign. Following some alleged diva-like behaviour by dad and his encouragement to ignore her responsibilities while on location, Mota failed to deliver on her end of the contract.

Now, Studio 71 is suing Mota for breach of contract and fraud, among other claims, and is seeking both damages and a declaration that it doesn’t have to pay Mota because she didn’t hold up her end of their deal.

Partnering with an influencer to help further your content can be a great strategic move, but it doesn’t always have the payoff you might expect. What are your thoughts on influencer marketing despite this cautionary tale?

Amazon Influencer Program rolls out for YouTube stars

And speaking of influencers…

This week Amazon opened up its ‘influencers’ program to YouTube stars.
The initiative acts as an affiliate program and allows influencers to earn commissions on the products they promote. YouTubers who want to participate will have to apply and have their submissions vetted manually by Amazon staff, for now.

Applicants are considered based on factors like the size of the influencer’s online following, fan engagement on their posts, quality of content, and relevancy for Amazon, among other things.
While the program is only aimed at YouTube stars for now, plans to roll it out further across social media exist for the future.

Use these words on social media to attract more customers

Calls-to-action (CTAs) are so important when it comes to inspiring and influencing your followers online.
Some key takeaways:

  • Offer learning opportunities by using words/phrases like ‘learn more’, ‘discover’, ‘check out’, ‘find out why’
  • Asking followers to share rather than just saying ‘RT’ can boost your content. Try phrases like ‘share if you agree with…’ and ‘if you are as passionate as we are about this, share to spread the word’
  • Encourage followers to share their opinions by using phrases like ‘tell us about’, ‘share your voice’, ‘how would you’

How are you currently using CTAs? What have the results been like?

Friday Fun

Man turns his Tinder profile into an epic PowerPoint-style presentation

They say that creativity can leave a lasting impression, and that’s certainly the case for Niket Biswas.
Last week, Biswas went viral when his over-the-top PowerPoint-style Tinder profile hit the popular dating platform. Covering topics like Trajectory of Growth, The Perks and Testimonials, the software engineer says he’s gotten 10 times more matches than he did with his previous profile.

Manny the Frenchie is using his fame to give back

He’s not just a pretty face — Manny the French Bulldog is using his star standing and undeniable cuteness to raise money for charity.

John Huang and Amber Chavez, Manny’s owners, have helped the pup amass a following of almost 3 million across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. What started as a fun way to share cute pictures of Manny, now six years old, turned into something much bigger. With such a formidable following, it’s no shock that major brands and corporate sponsors have shown interest in working with Manny.

Huang and Chavez saw this as an opportunity to tie Manny’s platform and giving back together. With over $200,000 raised to date, Manny and his owners are a shining example of Internet fame done right!
Along the way, Huang and Chavez have learned a lot about growing a social media footprint organically. Their advice:

  • Be patient — building a following takes time
  • Communicate with your followers
  • Make your story stand out
  • Take on the right partnerships
Line drawn peony from Spodek & Co Digital marketing site