The Weekly Download – December 10, 2021

Before we wind down to enjoy the holiday season, let’s take a look at today’s edition of The Weekly Download: TikTok users can make money through Tips and Gifts; Pinterest shares trend predictions for 2022; and graphic design trends to watch in 2022, plus some Friday Fun.

TikTok Users Can Make Money Through Tips and Gifts

Along with the recent announcement of the rollout of Creator Next, TikTok’s new hub for creator monetization tools, it will also be introducing its tipping and gifting feature. With the addition of these two new features, users will be able to transfer money directly to their favourite creators.

As part of TikTok’s efforts to retain creators and prevent them from moving to other networks, the new “Tips” option provides the opportunity for users to show their appreciation for content and allows the creator to receive 100 percent of the benefits. Tippers will incur a small fee once payment is processed through payment service Stripe, eliminating Apple’s required 30 percent commission for in-app purchases.

TikTok has also added its “Gift” feature, which gives users the ability to gift diamonds – a virtual currency that is redeemable for cash – during livestreams, and in regular videos.

Learn more about eligibility and update details.

Pinterest Shares Trend Predictions for 2022

Pinterest shared their latest Trend Prediction Report for 2022. They highlight 35 new trends that marketers should take note of, especially if you’re already marketing on Pinterest or considering the platform for the new year.

The latest report was driven by data from people of all ages, and provides some interesting insights, with summary overviews of each trend, along with related search terms, and accompanying visuals.

Pinterest has gone one step further and added a set of personalized Idea Pins. From Pinterest;

“Our first-ever in-app experience is a set of personalized Idea Pins that will take Pinners on a journey through ideas they’ve loved, trends they might have been first to try, show their most inspired month in 2021, to our predictive suggestions of things they should try in 2022. To find your 2022, open the Pinterest app on iOS or Android and click on the link on your home feed in the coming weeks.”

Read the full report.

Graphic Design Trends to Watch in 2022

It is no secret that world events since 2020 will have an influence on graphic design trends for years to come. With the pandemic, social issues in the spotlight, global political changes, and devastating climate disruptions, communication in the business world has changed.

Brands are quickly realizing the value of supporting statements with facts and statistics, and are moving towards more inclusivity. For new and emerging brands, engaging visuals are key to standing out in busy newsfeeds.

Whether you are looking for inspiration or planning to update your brand style, its well worth keeping up-to-date with the latest predictions in graphic design for 2022.

99Design by Vista recently released their predictions and is fast becoming our favorite.

Friday Fun

Snow happens! Keep warm everyone.


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