The Weekly Download – July 23rd, 2021

Happy Friday! We’re back with another edition of The Weekly Download, bringing you the latest scoop in digital news this week. Let’s dive in!

Instagram updates their analytics tool, tests collaborative posts and adds a “Sensitive Content Control”, YouTube explores letting viewers shop directly from livestream videos, Twitter experiments with a new downvote system, and Friday Fun.

Instagram Doubles Their Insights Tool Timeframe 

Huddle up, analytics gurus! 

Instagram marketers are celebrating their newfound ability to analyze twice the data in a single timeframe.

The company announced they’re expanding their insights tool to display up to 60 days’ worth of data. They’ve also added a new calendar display that allows users to select specific dates within the 60-day period. And if you’re just fine with Instagram’s current operating system, don’t worry — you can still select from the preset options at the top of the screen.

Marketers can finally ditch the sometimes dodgy third-party apps to gather extended data and rest easy knowing the platform’s insights are concrete.

Instagram Tests Partnered Posts and Reels

As Instagram makes more space for Creators to expand their reach and creative assets, they are testing a new “Collab” option that allows users to share partnered content.

Collaborators will soon be able to share posts and Reels to their individual pages but equally access the content’s insights… and singular comment stream. We can’t wait to see what kind of engagement (and chaos!) comes with a combined comment thread.

According to Social Media Today, the option is currently only available in India and the UK.

Hide Sensitive Content on Your Instagram Feed

Instagram recently experienced a lot of backlash for questionable removal of sensitive, biased or offensive content.  

In an effort to give users more control over the content they consume, Instagram has introduced a new system. Users can now visit their settings and turn on the “Sensitive Content Control” toggle which triggers the platform’s AI to hide posts it thinks might be offensive on the explore tab.

Although this may be great for some, the censored content is subjective, meaning users risk missing out on content they may have otherwise engaged with. 

If you decide to flip the switch, Instagram says you can expect to see less content that is “sexually explicit”, violent, depicts “exaggerated health claims”, focuses on weight loss supplements, and more.

YouTube Tests Livestream Shopping Experiences

Cha-ching! YouTube is helping users shop and creators cash in. According to TechCrunch, the company is set to begin testing livestream shopping experiences.

As the world’s second largest search engine, it’s no surprise that people use YouTube to discover new products and services. Creators of this discoverable content will typically include affiliate links in the video descriptions or other in-video tools.

Now, with a select group of trusted brands and creators, you’ll be able to shop in real-time to get the most out of your viewing (and shopping!) experience.

Twitter Develops a New Downvoting System for Testing

As aptly put by Mashable, “the anti-like is here.”

This week, Twitter announced they’re implementing a new upvote and downvote system for replies. This new test will help the platform’s AI gather information to help uncover what content their users are most interested in.

According to the company, your upvotes will be displayed as likes while your downvotes won’t be visible at all. With a concern for shadow-banning, Twitter confirmed that the voting system won’t “impact the ranking of replies.”

Friday Fun

What would The Weekly Download be without a little Friday Fun? Check out this cutie crushing his first rodeo! 


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