Welcome back! It’s time to kick off the long weekend with another edition of The Weekly Download. How will you be spending the Civic Holiday? 

On the docket today: Facebook offers deals to TikTok creators ahead of Instagram Reels launch, the social media search for a lost bear, Nike’s moving ad, and a new Canadian study concerning the link between misinformation and social media when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic. 

And as always, we’re wrapping everything up with some heartwarming Friday Fun.

Facebook Offers Deals to TikTok Creators Ahead of Instagram Reels Launch

Facebook is looking to steal some of TikTok’s current market share ahead of the launch of Instagram Reels by offering lucrative deals to a few prominent TikTok creators. As reported by The Wall Street Journal, the potential payment for some would be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Instagram has openly admitted that Reels is based on TikTok. With the United States’ potential TikTok ban on the horizon, some creators might view Instagram as a more stable home for content creation.

Already live in Brazil, France, Germany, and India, Instagram Reels will be coming to additional locations in August.

New Canadian Study on Links Social Media to COVID-19 Misinformation

A new Canadian study out of McGill University has shown that people who rely on social media as their main source of information are more likely to spread false facts and take the COVID-19 pandemic less seriously.

Researchers examined the prevalence of misinformation on social media compared to traditional Canadian news media and how exposure to false information influenced behaviour. Results showed that dissemination of misinformation is more prevalent on social media. 

In response, the Canadian government said health authorities are taking the issue of social media misinformation seriously and are working to address possible disinformation campaigns. The Canadian government is investing $3.5 million in the fight against COVID-19 misinformation or misleading content through its Digital Citizen Initiative.

While the information presented by the study draws concrete conclusions, does it really confirm anything we didn’t already know? The onus is on social media giants to do better when it comes to cracking down on harmful misinformation across platforms.

Nike’s Moving Advertisement

This…this is not another “Just Do It” ad. You don’t need to be a sports fan to feel the awe of Nike’s newest ad. Moving its audiences in more ways than one, the iconic brand inspires us with an overwhelming message of humility, passion and unity.

Oh, and prepare yourself for jaw dropping editing skills.

Social Media Search for Lost Bear has a Happy Ending

Last week, Vancouver resident Maria Soriano went viral after pleading for the return of a stolen teddy bear with huge sentimental value. The bear, aptly called Mama Bear, was a gift from Soriano’s late mother that featured a recording of her voice. 

Following shares from CBC, Ryan Reynolds and George Stroumboulopoulos (along with promises of a $10,000 total finders fee), it didn’t take long for thousands of Canadians to become invested in the search for Mama Bear.

Happily, Mama Bear returned to her rightful owner this week. 

Friday Fun

This Four-Year-Old Girl is the Personal Trainer We All Need

Working out during the best of times can sometimes be a challenge. Throw in a global pandemic, and finding motivation can be a whole other story.

When four-year-old Kynsley learned her mom was having a hard time finding energy to fit her solo workouts in, she stepped up to the plate to help motivate her and become her mom’s personal trainer. The results are way too cute:

You can now follow along with Kynsley thanks to her own Instagram account, @mini_trainerk.