The Weekly Download – July 6, 2018

Spodek & Co Weekly Download - July 6Happy Friday! This week has been short but hot, and we’re ready to do the weekend all over again. Today, we’ll be discussing Facebook’s accidental unblocking, Instagram’s “You’re All Caught Up”, Ossington Bear, Instagram Lite and some Friday Fun!

Facebook’s Accidental Unblocking

Between May 29 and June 5, Facebook experienced an active bug that resulted in the unblocking of unwanted individuals on over 800,000 accounts. When you block someone on Facebook, it means the blocked user is unable to view your profile posts, contact you on Messenger or request to add you as a friend.

For many users, this means that their permanently dismissed “friends” were able to access their profiles within that period of time. However, Facebook has noted that the issue is resolved and all of the originally blocked preferences are back in place.

Wondering if you’ve been affected by this bug? Don’t worry, Facebook will be sending you a notification the next time you log on and request you look over your block list to be sure it is exactly how it should be.

Instagram’s “You’re All Caught Up”

If you haven’t already noticed, Instagram has rolled out a new “You’re All Caught Up” feature. No more mindless wondering if you’ve seen it all, Instagram’s got you covered. According to Instagram, “We’ve heard it can be difficult to keep track of your seen posts. With [the “You’re All Caught Up”] message, you’ll have a better understanding of your Feed and know you haven’t missed recent photos or videos.”

The screen notification only appears when you’ve caught up on two days’ worth of posts. Here’s an example of the message you’ll see from Instagram to let you know you’ve viewed all of the posts published by the accounts you’ve been following in the past two days. 

Ossington Bear

We’ve got a new and local social media celebrity in Toronto, he goes by Ossington Bear.

What started as an abandoned stuffed polar bear riding the rails alone, turned into a grand adventure. Rhonda Richie and her husband found the polar bear Monday evening at Ossington subway station. In fear that he might be tossed away – and not returned to his rightful owner – the couple looked to social media for answers.

Richie posted the stuffed polar bear to a local Toronto online community, Bunz, where she had previously seen people successfully return lost items. It was there, that Ossington bear went viral. Comments and likes turned to many shared Tweets about finding Ossington’s rightful owner.

An opportunity as simple as this goes to show the power of a good story and the value of social media communities!

Instagram Lite

Just last week Instagram rolled out a “lite” version of their app better suited for Android phone users. Because the app is 1/55th of the original app size, it is also a welcome alternative for people with older phones or phones with less storage. Because of the app’s small size, it allows low-end devices to scroll seamlessly without the extended wait time they’re used to experiencing.

Instagram Lite includes all the features we love on our full-size app like posting photos and adding filters, as well as Instagram stories. However, the Instagram Lite stories can only be modified with text and unlike its original that can add GIFs, etc.

The additional mission with the new Instagram Lite app (available on Google Play), is to have further reach. The app is only available in select countries for the time being. Instagram’s effort to make the platform more accessible globally is an indication theirgrowth will surpass more than its current billion users.

Friday Fun

Be prepared to pick your jaw up off the floor. This 8-year-old cutie is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the drums and Led Zeppelin. Even Robert Plant had something to say about her talents.


Line drawn peony from Spodek & Co Digital marketing site