The Weekly Download – June 18, 2021

June 18 2021Happy Friday and welcome back to The Weekly Download! On the docket today:

How COVID-19 has changed the way we search for jobs, Instagram rolls out ads for Reels worldwide, Spotify’s Clubhouse rival, Facebook’s insight into what’s influencing modern online shopping, and some friendly Friday Fun.

How the Pandemic Has Changed the Way We Find Jobs

Did you ever think that social media platforms like Facebook and TikTok would become part of the mainstream way we search and apply for jobs?

A new report from Mashable says that since the pandemic started, more and more job seekers have turned to social media platforms to find work. TikTok has even looked into its own job searching tool!

Mashable says that last quarter alone, conversations on LinkedIn increased 43% and content saw a boost of almost 30%. While many of these trends were rising before the pandemic, it seems to have kicked things into high gear.

This is all important information for job seekers and business owners alike – whether you’re looking to hire new talent, or just join or monitor the conversation happening within these spaces.

Instagram Rolls out Reels Ads Worldwide

Look out Instagram users — ads are coming to Reels.

Announced just yesterday, ads will launch in Instagram’s short-form video platform, a TikTok competitor known as Reels. Businesses and other advertisers worldwide will be able to take advantage of the new functionality.

Ads will be up to 30 seconds in length, like your typical Reels, and can be liked, commented on, and saved by users. In order to be served a Reels ad, users will need to be in the full-screen Reels viewer section of the app.

While Instagram hasn’t confirmed how often a user might see a Reels ad as they scroll along, the company did confirm it is monitoring user sentiment around ads themselves.

Spotify Launches Greenroom, its Clubhouse Competitor

We told you social audio was going to be the next big thing, didn’t we?

This week Spotify unveiled its new live audio competitor, Greenroom. The new mobile app will allow Spotify users worldwide to join or host live audio rooms, but with a big twist: users will have the option to turn these conversations into podcasts — something missing from its competitor, Clubhouse. The app will also launch a Creator Fund that will help fuel new future content.

If you’re already a Spotify subscriber, joining couldn’t be easier. Simply login with your existing credentials and walk through the app’s onboarding experience to discover content that suits your interests. Spotify says that in time, the app will use its technology to connect users to the content they enjoy the most.

To get the full low-down on Spotify Greenroom including some of the other features that sets it apart from competitors, check out the company’s latest blog post here.

What’s Influencing Online Purchases? Facebook Shares Some Insights

In a new research report with Kantar, Facebook is sharing insights regarding the evolution of digital media and how it has disrupted the modern shopping process in order to help brands and businesses accurately strategize.

While the research is mostly focused on shoppers in Hong Kong and Taiwan, the report has interesting takeaways for marketers worldwide. Here are some of the key takeaways:

  • New digital formats, such as video and live content, offer new ways to engage shoppers – and keep them coming back. Similar content formats are expected to grow in popularity over time, providing a more immersive online shopping experience.
  • Convenience remains a key driver when it comes to online shopping. Marketers have to make the process streamlined and simple if they want to raise their bottom line.
  • Incredible customer service is crucial to drive brand loyalty when so much choice exists in the modern marketplace – especially in a virtual environment.

Check out the full report from Facebook here.

Friday Fun

James Corden Visits the Cast at the ‘Friends’ Reunion

Kick off the weekend with a little Friends and Carpool Karaoke crossover! 

Line drawn peony from Spodek & Co Digital marketing site