The Weekly Download – June 22, 2018

Spodek & Co Weekly Download - June 22, 2018Happy Friday! This week we’re talking about Indigenous Peoples Day, Instagram’s exciting IGTV announcement, Pride Month, Snapchat’s new delete tool plus some Friday Fun with Queen Bey and Jay-Z.

Indigenous Peoples Day

Yesterday we celebrated Indigenous Peoples Day in Canada. The day was filled with storytelling, traditional dances, festivals, singing, pow-wows and other tributes to heritage. The Indigenous culture is made up of a strong, spirited, bright and brave community of people.

If you followed the hashtag #NIPDCanada yesterday, you would have been privy to some absolutely stunning and moving tributes to Indigenous heritage and the culture. Here are a couple of our favourite posts.

Instagram’s IGTV

On Wednesday, Instagram made an exciting announcement. Along with reaching one billion users, they announced their “most exciting feature to date: IGTV, a new app for watching long-form, vertical video from your favourite Instagram creators.”

IGTV is unique because specifically designed to be played on phones with its design for vertical play – almost like Vine with longer videos or a mashup of YouTube and Instagram Stories. IGTV is an added feature within Instagram that once opened, video starts playing. IGTV picks its content channels for you based on your interests on Instagram and generates content for you, making it easy!

Pride and Social Media

It’s Pride Month and people are celebrating all over social media! Pride is a special time for many individuals to express themselves and for others to show their support. Social media is a stage for people to broadcast their celebrations while connecting with others all over the globe.

Facebook, Messenger and Instagram have added features to help users express their pride and support. Facebook has made posting text, photos and videos open to pride personalization with backgrounds, masks, locations stickers and other effects available during pride month. Messenger uses similar customizations.

However, Instagram takes the cake for their LGBTQ features. The customization mirrors both Facebook and Messenger… except for with rainbow hashtags and superior posting. Hashtagging words and terms such as #pride and #loveislove, can be found lit up in every colour. Not only does it look awesome, but when you follow those hashtags you’ll discover some really inspiring content.

Snapchat’s Clear Chats

Snapchat appeals to many of their users for its self-deleting photos and messages. Now, Snapchat als lets you delete sent messages before the recipient opens them. What a relief for those who type faster than they think! Clear Chats is a feature unlike any other on social media. Snapchat is empowering their users by allowing them to have more control of the content they are sending out.

Friday Fun

The world paused for a hot minute when Queen Bey and Mr. Carter surprised dropped an album on Saturday. Their featured video APES**T is nothing short of divine. We’re still puzzled how the Carter’s were able to film in the Louvre without having any leaks on the internet.

*warning, explicit language!*

We would to wish everyone a happy pride weekend! If you’re celebrating, we hope you have as much fun as this guy.

Line drawn peony from Spodek & Co Digital marketing site