The Weekly Download – March 15, 2019

The Weekly Download - March 15, 2019Hey, Friday! So good to see you again.

On The Weekly Download’s radar today: Facebook and Instagram’s massive outage, the power of a tweet gone viral, new Twitter insights, and a Canadian social media star hits late night. Plus, an Ikea guide for those experimenting in the bedroom (it’s not what you think), and of course, Friday Fun featuring one Marvel-ous five-year-old and a food hack that has the Internet abuzz.

Facebook and Instagram are Recovering From Massive Outages on Wednesday

By now, you’ve probably heard about the day-long outage suffered by Facebook and Instagram this past Wednesday.

So, why the outage? We don’t have any clarity on that front yet, but Facebook claims the outages were not the result of a DDoS attack. NBC Bay Area reported the issue was caused by a database “overload”.

Were you feeling a little lost without access to the two frequented apps? Or did you use the outage as a chance to take a much-needed social media detox?

Viral Tweet About “Sad” Donut Shop Leads to Massive Sell Out

Your feel-good story for the week comes from Billy’s Donuts in Missouri City, Texas.
Billy By used Twitter to inform the public that his father’s new shop, Billy’s Donuts, was struggling to attract customers as a new business.

The tweet went viral, earning over 340k retweets and 763k likes. It didn’t take long for the Internet to come to the rescue. And you know, it’s times like these that makes me love even MORE the power of social media to do good.

Twitter Adds New In-Depth Analytics Functions

Last week, Twitter unveiled its new ‘Timing is Everything” audience video engagement data display within Media Studio.

Says Twitter,
Timing is Everything displays historical data showing when audiences are on Twitter watching and engaging with video…this data highlights the best time(s) to Tweet video content with an aim to maximize engagement, conversation, and viewership.”

While intriguing and potentially highly beneficial for users looking to maximize targeting, the tool is dependent on the user having access to Media Studio, which not all users have.

Timing is Everything is Twitter’s first of various analytics tools to be rolled out – which some have said Twitter has been behind the eight-ball on. We’re eager to see what’s next.

Indo-Canadian Lilly Singh Goes Late-Night

A last-minute addition to the weekly download!! Indo-Canadian vlogger, actress and comedian Lilly Singh announced late yesterday she’s heading to NBC Late Night!

A Little Late with Lilly Singh replaces Carson Daly’s Last Call in the 1:35 am timeslot.
Singh got her start making pointedly funny videos on YouTube to help with depression, and currently has more than 14 million subscribers. Yay social media!

She’s also a New York Times bestselling author and has appeared in films such as “Bad Moms,” “Ice Age: Collision Course,” and HBO’s “Fahrenheit 451.”

Canada couldn’t be prouder.

Friday Fun

Ikea’s New Kama Sutra Helps You Find Bedroom Nirvana
Ikea’s new playful Kama Sutra is all about finding satisfaction in the bedroom… when it comes to your furniture. I hope they included an Allen key!

The 24-page book features 20 unique bedroom “positions” for your Ikea furniture that are sure to inspire bliss in all areas of your life.

Dad Transforms Daughter Into Captain Marvel

Photographer Josh Rossi transformed his 5-year-old daughter, Nellee, into Captain Marvel to celebrate the movie’s release. With a custom-made costume and dad’s photography skills, “Captain Nellee” came to life.
Check out the sweet surprise below!

#PineappleHack Goes Viral
And speaking of sweet…move over Egg – the internet’s newest viral sensation features a pineapple. Yes, you read that right!

The clip has now been viewed over 18 million times and resulted in a lot of copycat videos. Turns out, it’s a little harder to do than the viral clip shows.

Line drawn peony from Spodek & Co Digital marketing site