The Weekly Download – March 4, 2022

Happy Friday! We’re back with another installment of your favourite digital update.

In The Weekly Download this week: Facebook Reels become available worldwide, Instagram adds automated captions for all feed videos, LinkedIn improves its platform analytics, Reddit launches a “discover” tab in its app, and Twitter adds a new settings search bar. Plus some Friday Fun!

Let’s dive in.

Facebook Reels Now Available Worldwide

Meta has officially rolled out Facebook Reels in 150 countries, allowing cross-platform sharing as well as expanding testing of ads as a first attempt to generate revenue from Reels.

As short-form video increases in popularity, it was only a matter of time before the Facebook Reels feature was released globally, given it is the fast-growing content type. Reels are reported to have great potential to grow revenue and will be used to test overlay ads with creators in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. 

Instagram Adds Automated Caption Option for Feed Videos

Instagram has added automated captions for all feed videos on the platform. 

As explained by Instagram: “Adding captions makes Instagram more accessible to those in the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities. Captions are default ON for creators.”

Auto-generated captions were previously available on IGTV content and Stories, and now all videos (including Reels) will have the option to add captions, with 17 languages to choose from. This addition will help increase views and make it easier for users to consume content with or without sound.

LinkedIn Improves Analytics

LinkedIn has made updates to its platform’s analytics to include more information about the users who are viewing your content. 

As explained by Tomer Cohen, LinkedIn’s chief product officer: “We know it’s important to understand what content is resonating with your audience and our team has been hard at work building new analytics for our creators. Soon, creators will be able to get analytics on their individual posts and overall performance, across content & audience.”

Now, content creators will be able to learn the industries, locations, and more about the users who are interacting with their content. 

Oh, and LinkedIn added one more thing: a new emoji … maybe.

“One of the top requests we got was for a laughing emoji reaction. We hear you loud & clear and we agree. Humor is indeed a serious business.

Reddit Launches New “Discover” Tab

Reddit has added a “Discover” tab in its app to help create subreddit recommendations based on users’ interests.

As explained by Reddit: “We’re able to tailor each redditor’s Discover Tab to surface what we think they’ll enjoy the most. What we show is based on communities they’re already a part of as well as time spent. For example, if a redditor subscribes to and spends a significant amount of time in football and baseball subs, Discover Tab will prompt them with other sports-related content.

Twitter Adds New Settings Search Bar 

Twitter is making it easier for users to customize their “Settings and Privacy” section by adding a search bar. Now, when users visit their Settings and Privacy section, they can quickly type in keywords to make adjustments to any given feature.  

It may be a small update, but it’s an easy way to give users more autonomy over how they’re using their accounts.

Friday Fun

Some cold-weather content for those who love cold weather.


An ice pushing video a day keeps the vet away 🙅 #happydog #seratoninboost #talentotiktok #LaysGoldenDuet #dogtok

♬ Bee Gees – More Than A Woman – <3

And for those who think it’s a bit “rotten.”


Bring on the 🌞🇮🇪☘️ #foryou #Irish

♬ original sound – Donna Jacobs Mammy ☘️

Line drawn peony from Spodek & Co Digital marketing site