The Weekly Download – May 4, 2018

Spodek & Co Weekly Download - May 4, 2018We’re coming at you with another installment of The Weekly Download today, and it’s not just any Friday – today also happens to be Star Wars Day! May the Fourth be with you! How will you be celebrating?

On the docket today, we’ve got news from Facebook’s F8, Twitter’s password faux-pas, Amazon’s big Canadian announcement, Friday Fun and more.

All the details you missed from Facebook’s F8

Facebook’s F8 conference kicked off this week and there were lots of announcements and updates. Here are some of the most notable:

  • Face Date – Yep, Facebook is launching a dating feature for those who choose to opt in. Profiles will only be shown to non-friends in an effort to expand social circles and matching will be based on data collected by the app. All messaging will happen in a dedicated inbox rather than Messenger.
  • Clear history – Want to get rid of all the data Facebook has collected from sites and apps that use its ads and analytics tool? There’s a privacy feature being introduced that will do just that. It’s a move similar to deleting the cookies stored on your web browser.
  • Instagram video chat and anti-bullying – Video chat is officially coming to Instagram — something Instagram Direct is currently missing. The app will also be getting better filters to protect users from bullying in hopes to make it a safer place for teens.
  • Facebook is reopening its app review process – after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook will reopen its app review process (which is sure to make a lot of developers very happy).
  • Sharing to Facebook and Instagram Stories from other apps – Soon you’ll be able to share photos and videos directly to Facebook and Instagram Stories from apps like Spotify, SoundCloud and GoPro.

For more information on the news you might have missed, check out this roundup by TechCrunch.

Twitter Password Mishap

Did you get a message from Twitter advising you to change your password? You weren’t the only one.
In fact, Twitter’s 330 million user base has been prompted to change their passwords after a bug exposed them in plain text.

While there is no known breach or evidence of misuse due to the bug at the time of writing this article, Twitter’s taking a proactive stance to protect its user base.

Amazon is expanding its Vancouver tech hub with a new headquarters

An expansion move by Amazon in Vancouver will bring a reported 3,000 high tech jobs to the city in fields like cloud computing, machine learning, and e-commerce tech.

The new headquarters will open in addition to Amazon’s existing Vancouver offices. Amazon already employs over 6,000 Canadians, 1,000 of which are researchers and engineers in the Vancouver area.

Check out the early renderings of the new HQ coming to the old Canada Post headquarters on Georgia Street.

No one knows why this mysterious car was dangling off a bridge

Last but not least, we can’t let this piece of weird news go unnoticed.

Emergency services were called earlier this week when a car was found dangling from the Leaside Bridge in Toronto. Details about why the car was placed there are still scarce and it looks like Toronto Police will be launching an investigation with potential mischief charges to follow.

Early guesses for the reasons behind the car’s placement hinted at a prank or movie stunt. For now, one could say we’ve all been left “hanging.”


Friday Fun

Watch these creative geniuses grow up in seconds
Although it might be hard to imagine that the Zuck or Elon Musk were ever carefree kiddos, these cool GIFs remind us that everyone starts somewhere.

Céline Dion and Ryan Reynolds star in new Deadpool 2 music video
It’s being touted as Canadiana gold, and we have to agree.

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