The Weekly Download – November 19, 2021

Happy Friday! We hope you had a great week – let’ wrap it up with your favourite digital roundup. On today’s The Weekly Download docket: Instagram adds option to delete posts within published carousels and more, Twitter improves misinformation tools, Snapchat adds new ‘Layers’ feature to Snap Maps and Facebook shares more shopping insights, plus some Friday Fun.

Let’s dive in!

Instagram Adds Option to Delete Specific Posts in Published Carousels and More

Instagram shakes things up with a feature that will allow users to make edits to already published carousel content and a new reporting option.

Carousel deletion is a new feature that allows users to delete one (or more) photos or videos from a carousel post without having to remove the entire post. All you have to do is hit the three little dots in the top right corner, select edit, and tap the trash can in the top left corner of the post you want to remove.

Head of Instagram,  Adam Mosseri also announced the “Rage Shake” feature that allows users to prompt the app’s reporting feature by simply shaking their phone. Check it out!


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Twitter Improves Misinformation Tools

In July, Twitter began testing a new misinformation labelling system to help flag misleading content for users.

Now, they’ve announced updates to the feature by adding new labels that include different messages and varying colour alerts to help provide more context as to why content has been flagged – even if it hasn’t violated guidelines.

“In our tests, the new design increased the clickthrough rate on labels by 17%, from 3% to 3.5%. This number might sound low, but in many contexts, a 2% clickthrough rate is considered exceptionally good. The new label design also decreased shares by 10%, and decreased likes by 15%. Reducing sharing and engagement helps keep misleading content from propagating across Twitter,” said Twitter’s Head of Site Integrity, Yoel Roth.

Although the process may not yet be perfected, Twitter continues to me a primary news resource for many users and this extra layer of flagging is important.

Snapchat adds new ‘Layers’ feature to Snap Maps

Snap Maps are about to look a lot more interesting – and personalized!

‘Layers’ is a new toggle feature Snapchat has added to the top right of its Snap Maps.

Now, users can take a trip down memory lane by location when selecting the ‘Memories’ Layer and viewing Snaps they’ve saved over the last 12-months on their Snap Map. Snapchatters can also use the ‘Explore’ toggle to see public Snaps that are being shared around the world.

How users see their friends and what they’re up to on Snap Maps remains the same. However, they can also look forward to finding new ways to spend time with them as the new Layers feature rolls out. Snapchatters can expect to find “upcoming shows and nearby restaurants” on their Snap Maps in the near future. Stay tuned!

Facebook Shares More Shopping Insights

Facebook has just released a new shopping report.

‘The New Era of Shopping is Hybrid’ by Facebook IQ, uncovers how the shopping experience is no longer an either in-store or online-only experience for shoppers around the world. Instead, consumers are showing an increased interest in having both options readily available to elevate their overall shopping experience and reducing certain pain points.

“In this report, we uncover how retail is being reimagined to adapt to consumers’ desires for more fluidity in how they buy. Critical to this evolution will be the integration of digital in offline spaces, whether that’s with technology that makes in-store shopping more efficient, eliminates some of the friction associated with shopping offline or provides an opportunity to empower and excite shoppers,” says Facebook.

The report includes a lot of powerful information about the new post pandemic, “no-compromise” consumer. Read the full report here.

Friday Fun

Let’s end things on Adele’s high note.

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