The Weekly Download – November 30, 2018

Spodek & Co Weekly Download - Nov 30Happy Friday, everyone! Can you believe we’re already entering the final month of 2018? Time is flying by and before we know it the new year will be here.

What’s on the agenda for this final November Weekly Download? Well, first, for those of you who celebrate, Hanukkah starts Sunday – so Happy Hanukkah! Also, Instagram redesigns your profile page, and adds new accessibility tools, LinkedIn has a new location feature, there’s a new short-form video app creating a lot of buzz, and Google games got buggy! Plus, we just had to share a beautiful Christmas-themed viral video (it’s a weeper!), BUT we countered the tears with some Friday Fu
Let’s dig in.

Instagram Redesigns Profiles

Instagram is rolling out improvements to both personal and business profiles over the coming weeks.
Worry not, the photos on your profile’s grid are staying put! But tools, features, profile information and more will be subject to a tune-up.

“…you may see features re-arranged at the top of your profile including changes to icons, buttons and the way you navigate between tabs, which we hope will make profiles easier and cleaner to use.”

We’re looking forward to seeing and experimenting with these updates. Has your account already updated? Let us know in the comments below!

Instagram Inclusiveness

In other Instagram news – wow! We have to admit, this is incredibly cool andthe first of its kind.
On Wednesday, Instagram announced not one, but two new ways they’re making their social media platform more accessible to the visually impaired. That’s more than 285 million people worldwide!

“First, we’re introducing automatic alternative text so you can hear descriptions of photos through your screen reader when you use Feed, Explore and Profile. This feature uses object recognition technology to generate a description of photos for screen readers so you can hear a list of items that photos may contain as you browse the app.

Next, we’re introducing customer alternative text so you can add a richer description of your photos when you upload a photo. People using screen readers will be able to hear this description.”
Excellent work, Instagram!

LinkedIn Locations

LinkedIn released a new update this week, allowing users communicating on their messenger to share where they’re located. LinkedIn’s goal? To make it easier for folks to actually meet face to face—which is so important when trying to develop relationships with colleagues or clients.

The feature encourages users to develop professional relationships outside of their online community, and provides the potential to open up many new doors – both literally and figuratively.

“We’ve heard from many of you that this feature would make it easier to coordinate meetings – now you no longer need to switch around to multiple apps just to send a proposed spot to meet. To send a location to a connection, simply tap on the map pin icon in the message compose box in out iOS or Android app, search for a meeting place, and tap send.”

TikTok, Short-form Video Is Back

Many tears were shed when short-form video platform Vine died almost two years ago. Launched in 2013, Vine helped cement our love for short, snappy bits of video content, and it was too bad when it folded. But, as is often the case in the world of tech, sometimes, you just have to wait.

TikTok is a short-form video sharing app based in China. Launched in 2016, its popularity soared, and so did its international marketing efforts! TikTok is looking to break BIG into the North American market, and has teamed up with fashion brand Guess on a denim campaign to target Millennials and Generation Z.

CNN Business reports that “…TikTok’s revenue has more than tripled in the past year. The app (is now) canvassing Instagram and Snapchat with TikTok ads. Social media influencers and celebrities are starting to join. YouTube star Jake Paul, comedian Jimmy Fallon and skateboarding legend Tony Hawk all have accounts.”

And the big boys of social media, like Facebook, are taking note. So watch this space – TikTok just might be around for a while.



Not “Okay, Google”

There’s been some trouble in paradise at Google this week. Google Play Store had to remove 13 games from their downloadable game content as they contained malware – all from the same developer, Luiz O Pinto.

If an Android user downloaded any of these simulated driving games, they would then be asked to install ‘Game Center’ as an extra. Game Center would not only cause the original game app to crash continually, but it also allowed the software to gain access to a user’s device and display ads.

If you’ve downloaded one of the games, Business Insider has some advice for you, “…your best bet is to factory reset your device after backing up your photos, text messages, and anything else you want to keep. If that’s too drastic, you could try uninstalling the offending app and downloading an anti-malware app, like Malwarebytes, to get rid of the malware.”

Love Is A Gift

If you want proof that a huge ad budget isn’t needed to produce high quality content – look no further than this British ad. Produced for a mere 50 GBPs (about $85 CAD), it has gone viral, and it really tugs at the heartstrings, especially if you’re missing a loved one over the holiday season.

It’s not often we’re able to get such a meaningful point across in so few words. And watcher beware! Get out the tissues… seriously!

Friday Fun

Ok, put the tissues away and prepare for a laugh! Celebs often post hilarious moments spent with Ellen on their social channels, and this 2018 compilation is just too good not to share!

Line drawn peony from Spodek & Co Digital marketing site