The Weekly Download – October 15, 2021

Friday already? We hope those of you who celebrated, had a wonderful long weekend. This week we’re celebrating 11 years in business and wanted to thank you for being a part of our journey!

In this installment of The Weekly Download:

Instagram integrates live stream scheduling, Twitter experiments with putting ads in tweet replies, TikTok reveals a new mute option for real-time comments, Facebook creates shopping events for the holidays, and some Friday Fun.

Instagram Announces Live Stream Scheduling to Increase Engagement

Instagram has just announced a new feature to help creators schedule upcoming Instagram Live events with hopes to generate increased engagement amongst followers.–vMEP9Pw/

The IG Live Scheduling tool allows creators to schedule a live broadcast up to 90 days in advance. Scheduled broadcasts can include a title, description, date, and time and can also link products if promotion is intended. 

Instagram Lives can be promoted through a new Stories Sticker or feed post. Adding this feature to content allows creators to send push notifications when going Live and audience members to sign up for reminders. 

This new integration came just in time for the holidays!

Twitter Tests New Ad Placement Option in Replies

On Wednesday, Twitter announced they’ll be testing new ad placements within the app.

Certain test users on both iOS and Android will now see ads after the first, third or eighth reply under a Tweet. 

There is a unique aspect to this new placement in the works. If tests are successful, this could mean direct tweet monetization for creators. If they choose to opt-in on ads for certain viral Tweets, they’ll receive a cut of the ad revenue according to Twitter Revenue Product Lead Bruce Falck. 

Twitter users generally push back against app updates, so it will be interesting to see how the new integration performs. 

TikTok Reveals New Mute Option for New Real-Time Comments

In a continued effort to foster a safe and kind community on TikTok, the social media platform recently integrated a new tool on their live stream feature. This new control option enables broadcasters to mute certain viewers while hosting a live to help limit distractions or unwanted commentary.

According to TikTok:

“​​Livestreaming on TikTok is an exciting way for creators and viewers to connect, and we’re building safety into the experience by design. Now, the host or their trusted helper can temporarily mute an unkind viewer for a few seconds or minutes, or for the duration of the LIVE. If an account is muted for any amount of time, that person’s entire comment history will also be removed. Hosts on LIVE can already turn off comments or limit potentially harmful comments using a keyword filter.”

Removing the unwanted viewers’ previous comments is an important addition to this new feature. Not only does this element help to keep hosts and viewers safe, it helps keep the conversation on track.

Facebook Announces New Shopping Events for Upcoming Holiday Season

Starting November 1st, Facebook and Instagram will be hosting daily Live Shopping experiences with popular brands like Benefit Cosmetics, Macy’s, Walmart and more to help users discover new products and cash in on exclusive deals.

As told by Facebook:

“People already use our apps to stay updated on the latest trends, get inspired and find their new favorite brand or product. This season, we’re bringing exclusive gifts to Shops that will be available when people checkout on Facebook or Instagram. This season, you may find gifts from Facebook and Instagram, like 20% off your first purchase and free shipping, when you complete an eligible purchase directly on our apps. And when you make an eligible purchase directly on Facebook or Instagram, you can also refer up to 10 friends to take advantage of an exclusive deal.”

Facebook will also continue to focus on supporting small business owners as a majority of their sales take place over the holiday season. Users can expect to see #BuyBlack Friday shows again and a few more surprises!

Friday Fun

Music lovers, this one’s for you! 

At only five years old, Miles Bonham is producing his own music and letting his friends in on the fun. 

Line drawn peony from Spodek & Co Digital marketing site