The Weekly Download – September 2, 2022

Happy Friday! Well, we’re in September. Are you feeling the back-to-school vibe? We’re all about new notebooks (digital or paper, maybe both) and a fresh start. But before back to school, there is a long weekend. Because of that, we’ve got a shorter version of The Weekly Download. 

Brands are wrapping up back-to-school but are still launching new products. This week: Twitter is finally adding an edit option, TikTok offers guidance for marketers looking to up their brand presence, and Slack adds more automation features to improve the discoverability and shareability of workflows.

Twitter’s Edit Function Is Finally Here!

Not going to lie, this has us really excited. Anyone who has sent a tweet only to see an error after the fact knows the pain of not having an edit button. Even Kim Kardashian has asked for an edit button. 

Twitter launched the first stage of live testing of edit mode on September 1. Once a tweet is posted, it can be edited by the original poster for 30 minutes after posting. Edited tweets will have a note at the bottom that the post has been edited (very similar to Facebook’s edit format). Twitter users can also access the edit history when they tap on the pencil icon. 

TikTok Video Series Offers Marketing Guidance

If you’ve wondered how to market your brand on TikTok, this new video series is for you. It outlines key points like creating a business account (giving you access to more tools), setting up your Ad Manager profile, and how to create and upload TikTok clips. 

Each video is easy to understand and an intelligent resource for brands looking to leverage their TikTok presence for the upcoming holiday season. 

It’s also smart for the platform, keeping the audience within its own ecosystem. 

Slack Adds Automation Features for Workflows

Slack continues to iterate within the workspace community. It was announced this past week that the platform has launched new automation features that will make workflows more discoverable and shareable. 

That means Slack users can send workflows to other Slack users and leverage “if-then” statements to create more sophisticated flows. So they can send workflows as links within channels and as direct messages via copying and pasting.

Friday Fun! 

Channel this energy for the last long weekend of summer:


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