The Weekly Download – September 24, 2021

Hello Friday! Welcome back to another installment of The Weekly Download! Fall is officially here along with the cooler temperatures. But when it comes to the world of digital, there’s always something hot to report.

Check out what’s sweeping headlines this week: TikTok tests pinning videos to the top of profiles, Facebook announces new tools to help businesses impacted by Apple’s privacy update and the company’s new ‘Community Awards’ for group members, Pinterest experiments sharing Pins directly to Facebook and Instagram Stories, and some Friday Fun!

TikTok Tests Pinning Videos to Top of Profiles

You may have heard TikTok creators reference their “first video that went viral”, but upon visiting their page you discover they’ve made MANY TikToks since, making it difficult to find the one that started it all.

Turns out, TikTok’s got a solution in the works for that!

Though there isn’t a date on rollout, TikTok is testing the “pinning” of up to three videos on a profile grid. Followers will finally be able to quickly access popular videos, series, and promotions without endless scrolling. And creators will be able to distinctly direct users to their pinned videos.

We’re interested in learning more about how this may impact TikTok’s algorithm and creator reach.

Facebook’s New Ad Tools Attempt to Curb Effects of Apple’s Privacy Updates

If you’ve been keeping up to date with our recent blog posts, you’re well aware of Apple’s privacy updates taking place this month.

In a response to the potential impact on small businesses and Facebook Ads, Facebook has announced a new suite of products and features to help support their digital marketing success.

As suggested by TechCrunch, these new features could help Facebook develop its own set of data for ads. The company is exploring new ways to help users discover businesses directly in their in News Feeds when searching topics of interest, making it easier for businesses to chat with customers and more.

Get the full report on products and features here.

Facebook Tests ‘Community Awards’ in Groups to Boost Engagement

It’s like getting a gold star! Except for adults… on social media.

In an effort to encourage engagement, Facebook is testing “Community Awards” amongst active members of various groups.

What does this mean? Now when Admins observe noteworthy conversations or comments taking place, they can award their members. The new feature has two important benefits; firstly, it reinforces positive interactions, and secondly, it helps members see more of the “important” conversations happening within the group.

Facebook has seen a decline in overall engagement and has introduced several new features to help boost this important metric on the platform, such as ‘Top Fans’ and more recently, badges like ‘Group Experts’ and more.

Do you think the new feature will take off?

Pinterest Experiments Sharing Directly to Facebook and Instagram Stories

Don’t let this new feature fly under the radar!

Pinterest is experimenting with a new way to share “Idea Pins” directly to Facebook and Instagram stories – another great way to expand reach to new audiences and maximize brand awareness. When shared, Idea Pins will feature the Pinterest watermark to signal to users that they can learn more by following through to the app.

If you’re in the eCommerce game and not currently on the platform, it’s time to hop onboard! Pinterest is a unique space for telling stories, sharing how-tos, and so much more.

The company has also built many unique tools into Idea Pins to help creators bring their content to life, like “Ghost Mode” to help with seamless transitions and detail pages for instructions or ingredients. Of course, they also feature the usual inhouse tools like music, voice over and tagging, plus some other fun add-ons.

Friday Fun

Heading back or adjusting to that office life again? You’ll get a kick out of these!


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