Welcome back to another edition of The Weekly Download! Let’s take a look at the week that was:

Updates to Moz’s Page Authority, TikTok’s ‘zero tolerance’ policy on antisemitism, improved accessibility options from Twitter, a tribute fit for a King, Friday Fun, and more.

Moz Page Authority 2.0: What You Need to Know

A new update to Moz’s Page Authority metric will better predict a page’s ability to rank on a search engine results page (SERP). The new iteration will launch on September 30, incorporating new factors like Spam Score and link quality pattern identification.

According to Moz, the company is pioneering a new manner of calculating Page Authority to produce superior results. In the past, the system used SERPs alone to train the Page Authority model. The redefined training set will focus on the cumulative value of a page based on a number of metrics, including search traffic and cost per click. Moz says the new methodology will allow for better comparison between pages that don’t appear in the SERPs together.

Learn more about Page Authority 2.0 and some of its potential impacts here.

Twitter Announces New Push for Improved Tweet Accessibility Options

Twitter has announced a new initiative to make the platform more accessible for all users, a move the company said was spurred on following its test of voice Tweets earlier this summer.

In order to advance its accessibility features, Twitter is putting together an ‘Accessibility Center of Excellence’ and an ‘Experience Accessibility Team’. Twitter says that both teams will help the company keep accessibility at the forefront of the conversation when developing new elements and strategic approaches.

TikTok Announces ‘Zero Tolerance’ Policy on Antisemitism

Following extensive controversy over hate speech and related content, TikTok has declared a “zero tolerance” policy on accounts linked to antisemitism.

In a blog post from August 20 titled “Countering Hate on TikTok”, the company detailed five ways it is working to “diligently counter the spread of hate” on the platform, including evolving its hate speech policy, countering hateful speech, behaviour, and groups, and increasing cultural awareness in content moderation.

While the policy is great on paper, it’s not enough. There are still more steps that need to be taken across all social media platforms to combat hatred and bigotry and protect users.

Twitter’s Most-Liked Tweet Now Belongs to Chadwick Boseman

A tweet announcing the devastating passing of beloved actor and activist Chadwick Boseman is now the most-liked tweet of all time. Twitter confirmed the accolade on Saturday with a fitting message:

The tweet garnered more than 5.7 million likes, overtaking Barack Obama’s 2017 tweet shown below:

You Can Now Customize Your Facebook Watch Video Feed With #Topics

Thanks to a new feature called “Your Topics”, Facebook will allow users to tailor their Watch feeds to include more of the content they want to see. 

Currently, Facebook leverages its existing understanding of each viewer’s interests to personalize the Watch Feed. Topics will allow users to explicitly tell Facebook what sort of content they like by exploring and subscribing to different content categories.

The new feature is rolling out slowly among users – have you tested out #Topics yet?

Friday Fun

Did Chrissy Teigen know something about the year to come that we didn’t?

Nine months into 2020 and this picture definitely hits differently.