The Weekly Download – August 13, 2021

Welcome back to another edition of The Weekly Download! This week’s digital update includes Instagram’s new audio search ability and latest effort to limit non-follower activity, Facebook’s new prayer tool, Twitter’s new move that allows users to remove followers, and of course, Friday Fun!

Let’s dive in.

Instagram Introduces New Audio Search

Remember when we told you to pay attention to the rise of social audio?

As Instagram continues to push Reels in an effort to keep up with the ever-popular short video sharing app, TikTok, let’s just say their new tool looks very…*inspired*.

Instagram users can now discover trending sounds and songs through the app’s new audio search tab. When a query is entered, they’ll be led to a colourful page of Instagram Reels to enjoy and find inspiration. They’ve also added a “save audio” button to help encourage content creation, much like TikTok.

Will this new feature inspire you to create more Reels instead of TikToks?

Instagram Announces New Feature to Limit Unwanted Interactions

Will “sliding into DMs” soon be a thing of the past?

In an effort to increase community safety, Instagram announced on Wednesday that they’ll be releasing a new tool to help limit unwanted interactions on the app.

‘Limits’ is the first tool of its kind on Instagram to prevent surges in unwanted direct messages and comments that can take place when particular accounts garner a lot of attention. Its development began after the significant abuse and racism that certain players in the Euro 2020 finals experienced online

Here’s what Instagram had to say about the new feature:

“Creators … tell us they don’t want to switch off comments and messages completely; they still want to hear from their community and build those relationships. Limits allows you to hear from your long-standing followers while limiting contact from people who might only be coming to your account to target you.”

The Limits feature is now available for all Instagram users.

LinkedIn Launches New Native Video Option

Zoom who?

LinkedIn has stepped up its game and added a native video conferencing tool within its platform. Rather than using previous third-party options, LinkedIn members can now meet with connections without having to download apps or move locations.

Users can easily create and schedule video conference meetings within chats, making it easier than ever to connect. Users engaging in ongoing chat conversations may be prompted to have video meetings to enhanced conversations. LinkedIn has also made it easy for users to share their screens and have virtual backgrounds.

What do you think about this new streamlined process? If you’re a recruiter, do you plan to use this new feature to your advantage?

Twitter Tests Option to Remove Followers

Block no more! Twitter is testing a “remove this follower” option.

To previously remove a follower, you’d have to use the age-old trick of blocking and then un-blocking them to take them off your followers list. Now, Twitter is introducing a feature that will allow you to remove them without the guilt trip.

Having the option to remove a follower is a gentle way to prevent another user from viewing your content rather than severing all ties. If you’re someone looking to refine your audience or nurture a more private Twitter community, this feature will certainly help simplify the process from either your feed or directly from a user’s profile.

However, if you are experiencing any type of online harassment or bullying, we urge you to consider blocking that user for your safety.

Friday Fun

The legendary Dave Grohl does it again, this time bringing up a young Foos fan, Lauren, to rip the lead guitar for their hit song Monkey Wrench. Check it out!

Oh, and with Dave behind the mic, it should come as no surprise this content is NSFW.

Line drawn peony from Spodek & Co Digital marketing site