Welcome back to another edition of your favourite weekly news roundup – The Weekly Download. On today’s docket:

Google’s new photo sharing feature, Facebook’s strategy to boost creator content, new updates to Clubhouse, the end of a “Fleeting” chapter for Twitter, and Friday Fun.

Google Photos Tests Feature that Allows Users to Ask Friends for Photos

Are you having a hard time getting the photos from your brunch date from your friend? You’re not the only one. Google is working on a feature to fix incomplete albums and the headache of constantly asking, “Hey, can you send me those photos?” 

According to Jane Manchun Wong, a software developer, the company is working on a new Google Photo app feature that allows users to ask friends for photos.

The feature will allow friends and family to request a link that will share photos in bulk. Although you can share albums through Google Photos right now, the Ask Friends for Photos feature would be completely new. It’s not yet known if this feature will be available for those outside of the Google Photos app, however once rolled out, it will make many albums, and memories complete. 

If you use Google to house your photos, keep an eye for updates because this feature could be available very soon.

Facebook Will Pay $1 Billion to Creators Through 2022

Facebook is again working to keep its status as the best social media platform for content creators. In a recent statement, CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote that Facebook plans to pay out $1 billion to creators over the next year and a half as part of an effort to solicit creator-made content.

This money will be awarded as bonuses to creators who use Facebook products in unique ways. Facebook will give the money to those who run ads on their videos or reach specific goal markers during live streams on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The company is currently offering these incentives by invitation only to select creators, with hopes of expanding to more creators by the end of this year. 

Unlike other platforms, such as Snapchat, a company that pays its creators millions per month after its TikTok competitor, Spotlight, launched in November, Facebook’s approach is different. Rather than Facebook pay creators based on a single product, bonuses depend on the platform’s challenges and milestones.

What do you think of the company’s novel approach to creator incentives?

Clubhouse Launches its DM Feature Backchannel

Attention all Clubhouse fans! The time has come to check your Clubhouse DMs. 

The Clubhouse app has been blowing up since opening the app for Android users; with more than 8 million downloads and 500,000 rooms created daily, Clubhouse is the place to be these days. However, being a social media app, it lacked the ability for users to socialize outside of a room. 

It should come as no surprise that Clubhouse needed a feature to let users communicate within the app. The platform’s new DM functionality, known as Backchannel, is designed to help moderators chat among themselves during an active room, let people connect after an event, and broadly foster text conversations that otherwise would have to occur in a separate app. 

Backchannel is a big step for Clubhouse, which is now in direct competition with Twitter Spaces and Facebook Live Audio Rooms – both of which allow people to chat while also taking part in real-time audio conversations.

Twitter Closes the Book on Fleets

Well, it was a short run, but Twitter is saying goodbye to its recently released feature, Fleets.

According to The Verge, as of August 3, users will instead see active Spaces – Twitter’s live audio chat rooms – at the top of their timelines. The composer for traditional tweets will also be updated with more camera editing features from Fleets, such as text-formatting and GIF stickers over photos in an effort to get people tweeting more.

When asked why the change, Twitter had a pretty succinct response (that actually makes a lot of sense):

Will you be sad to see Fleets go

Friday Fun

This dancer is sure to get you inspired to revisit your workout routine – look at that core strength!