Tip of the Week: Network

Tip of the Week: NetworkWelcome to the seventh in a series of tips to help bloggers build communities, find an audience and get the most out of working with brands.

In the early days of blogging and social media adoption, there was this idea that everyone publishing online and surfing the web was an anti-social nerd who hung out in his basement. Today we know nothing could be further from the truth as people connect with like-minded online friends, their desire to meet in real life grows. And as powerful as the web is for establishing relationships, nothing beats getting out from behind your screen and meeting people in person.

“Don’t be shy. Introduce yourself and your blog. Let us know what type of news/information you’re interested in and what your readers like to see,” suggests Mary Pretotto, Senior Manager, Social Media Community at Rogers Communications.

Alanna Glicksman, lifestyle blogger and Digital Marketing & Community Manager at MasterCard Canada, says “Have a firm understanding of the company/brand they rep and provide partnership ideas to show how you (and your blog) are an asset for the company.”

Take advantage of opportunities to network with brands and agencies at conferences or events.
Alanna suggests you ask the PR rep or community manager out for coffee, “Once you’ve formed a bond in real life, it will be difficult for them to forget you when they are looking to partner with bloggers on initiatives.”

What are your tips for getting to know bloggers or brands better?
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