Since 2010, Spodek & Co. has helped businesses navigate the digital world, creating and implementing integrated strategies to achieve their goals. Our business is built on seven key values that reflect not only the way we work but the way we live our lives, and they inspire how we treat our clients, one another, and our communities.

Spodek & Co Values: Diversity & Inclusion

Safe Spaces

Creating a safe space for all identities, with an emphasis on equity, inclusion, and dignity for all. Recognizing that our differences make us stronger.

Spodek & Co Values: Integrity & Transparency

Integrity & Transparency

Acting with a commitment to honesty and transparency and doing what is best for our customers, our company, and our community.

Spodek & Co. Values: Creativity & Passion

Creativity & Passion

Encouraging team imagination to help clients solve problems in unique, thought-provoking ways driven by enthusiasm and excitement.

Commitment to Learning

Promoting a team environment where curiosity and deep reflection are encouraged to spur continuous knowledge and inquiry.

Spodek & Co. Values: Empathy & Respect

Empathy & Respect

Demonstrating awareness, understanding, and respect for the thoughts, feelings, and unique experiences of others to cultivate long-lasting relationships.

Spodek & Co. Values: Client Value & Commitment to Customers

Client Value & Commitment to Customers

Delivering the best results possible for clients in alignment with their overall goals and own core values.

Spodek & Co Values: Community Giving

Community Giving

Connecting with our communities regularly by giving back — whether through financial contributions, donations in kind, mentorship, or material gifts to community groups, many of which serve those who are marginalized or otherwise in need.

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