Weekly Buzz: Instagram’s Musical Carousels Take Centre Stage

Weekly Buzz - August 18, 2023

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On today’s agenda:

Instagram’s newest update combines visuals with melodies through musical photo Carousels and collaborative Reels; Threads by Meta introduces a Reposts tab; and a closer look at Microsoft’s AI gaffe that labelled a food bank as a “beautiful attraction”—a stark reminder of the significance of human oversight in the age of automation.

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Instagram amplifies visuals with musical photo Carousels and collaborative Reels 

With its latest innovation, Instagram harmonizes visuals and sounds, allowing users to pair music with their photo carousels. Partnering with pop sensation Olivia Rodrigo, the platform unveiled this feature by merging her new single “bad idea right?” with a photo carousel. This latest update follows the heels of another musical endeavour introduced in June, permitting users to share snippets of their current favourite tracks via Instagram Notes.

But that’s not all—Instagram is also amplifying collaboration. Users can now invite up to three friends to co-author posts or Reels, broadening their reach to each collaborator’s audience. An enhanced version of the “Add Yours” sticker feature prompts creators to partake in challenges or hashtags, spotlighting fan Reels as “Creator picks.” 

Although traditionally seen as a photo-sharing app, Instagram’s multimedia evolution has been ongoing. This musical integration provides a fresh canvas for creative experimentation for creators and businesses.

Threads unveils Reposts tab

Meta’s Threads is shaking things up. No need to fret if your profile seems a little sparse—all your reposts are intact, just neatly organized in their own space.

Adam Mosseri, the Head of Instagram and the voice behind Threads, recently announced this change. In the past, Threads bundled your posts and reposts together. Now, you can easily navigate your original content without the repost clutter.

While this update is winning over some, for folks who use reposts to express themselves, this change is a bit of a letdown.

Microsoft’s AI Blunder: Ottawa Food Bank dubbed a ‘beautiful attraction’ in unusual travel article

Microsoft’s foray into AI-generated news hit a speed bump last week after the Ottawa Food Bank was listed as a “beautiful attraction” in a must-visit lineup for the Canadian capital. 

The article includes information about the food bank with a strange suggestion to experience it on an empty stomach. While Microsoft later pointed to human error rather than unsupervised AI, the incident emphasizes the pitfalls of over-reliance on algorithms.


The piece garnered mocking attention for its missteps, including unfitting photos and odd descriptions, and drew criticism from several experts. Rachael Wilson, CEO of the Ottawa Food Bank, noted that a robot likely penned the article due to its bizarre recommendation.

The blunder underscores the importance of human oversight, a sentiment echoed by critics and experts alike. As AI plays a more significant role in content creation, the case serves as a reminder that while technology can streamline processes, human intuition and understanding remain irreplaceable.

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