The Weekly Download – Canada Day, 4th of July Edition

The Weekly Download - Canada Day Edition, Eden Spodek in garden on her iPhone.Happy Canada Day! And Happy 4th of July-in-advance!
In honour of the holiday weekend in Canada and the United States, enjoy this special edition of The Weekly Download with a focus on some of the celebratory stories that came across my feed this week. If you’re participating in any Pride celebrations this weekend, let’s hope you can do so freely and peacefully without any threats to your safety. As always, I want to hear your comments about these topics too and please let me know if there are specific topics you’d like covered here.
Here’s what’s been filling up my news feed:

Justin and Barack – the love affair continues

On Wednesday, Canada hosted the North American Leaders’ Summit in Ottawa. The Internet went crazy with photos of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Barack Obama. The word “bromance” was mentioned many times. Highlights of the summit included Obama’ saying “The World Needs More Canada,” in his speech. Look what Members of Parliament did in response.

You can watch both of their addresses:

O, Canada

Donna Papacosta is my friend and teaching colleague. She’s lived on both sides of the border and wrote this tongue and cheek blog post in the spirit of the July long weekend. Although it’s from the archives, I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

And in other news…

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Ada’s Sisters – Episode 40: Episode 40: Clinton and Tech, Apple Coding Camp, Uber Conference

We love how the women of Google responded to sexist comments from shareholders – with LADY DAY – a day when we get to put the word “Lady” in front of all our titles.
And on the topic of women responding to sexism, we get fully frontal with Samantha of Manchester’s response to an unwelcome dick pic left as a result of her Facebook restaurant review (NSFW). Hillary Clinton unveiled her technology platform for the U.S. presidential race.
“Connectivity, education, and entrepreneurship” sound like ideas we can get behind, and on the topic of education and the end of the school year, we have some more education-based stories this week. Apple is launching a coding camp for kids and, the U.S. State Department and IREX got together to launch a A How-To Guide for Teachers for teaching Gender Equality in Education. Our tool tip is the Uber useful Uber Conference line. Have a listen!
Happy Canada Day! Happy 4th of July! Happy Pride!

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