The Weekly Download – December 23, 2016

The Weekly Download - December 23rdAs we head into the holidays, we’re keeping things light and fun. Let’s kick it off with a roundup of our favourite videos and other happenings.

Maritime Bhangara Group

This is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. The Maritime Bhangara Group presents Snow Shoveler Bhangara. I’m not sure how much snow they get shoveled but they do inspire me to move!

Canada’s Christmas Door Special

Last week we watched Westjet’s Christmas Miracle and this week it’s Canadian Tire’s turn to make us cry. One special boy gets to meet Santa and then something special happens…

Facebook’s Holiday Greeting

Chances are that if you hadn’t sent your holiday cards by Tuesday you probably wouldn’t make it the old fashioned way. What perfect timing for Facebook to drop a set of 18 customizable cards into your newsfeed. It’s a way to promote their new Moments. Yes, another copycat feature.

Move over live video, it’s time for audio to shine

Calling all podcasters, radio producers, and audiobook publishers! Facebook is testing audio-only live broadcasts. This would be a great way to engage your audience without producing a full blown video production – definitely a feature to watch.

Building JARVIS

Iron Man, Tony Stark, has Jarvis to run his house don’t you want one too? Mark Zuckerberg just went ahead and made one for himself and then shared the experience on his blog. Find out how far AI has come in real life.

Friday Fun – A Hamilton Chanukah

Six13 lights up it with this Hamilton/Chanukah mashup. As posted to their YouTube page, “Don’t throw away your shot to celebrate the miracles and the story of the (eight) nights!”

From the Ada’s Sisters archive – Episode 38: Chewbacca Mom, Blab, Creepy Bartenders, #girlswhocode

Remember Chewbacca mom? One of the best moments in live video last year. Check out episode 38 and remember just how hilarious it was and then go watch Rogue One again. Listen up and enjoy!
Happy Holidays!

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