The Weekly Download – June 30, 2017

Spodek & Co Weekly Download - June 30 17I’m kicking this Weekly Download off with a big Happy Canada Day to our Canadian friends! How will you be celebrating 150 years of our great country?

This week we’re talking about Snap Maps, a Harry Potter milestone, filters and visual effects on the rise, and of course, what would Canada’s 150th birthday be without some Justin Trudeau?

Harry Potter celebrates its 20th anniversary

Can you believe it’s been a whole 20 years since the magic of Harry Potter was introduced to our lives? The Internet was abuzz with nostalgia earlier this week, with good reason. Twenty years later and the magic of Harry Potter is still just as bright!

To celebrate the occasion, Facebook launched a secret feature (also known as an Easter Egg) inspired by our favourite wizarding world.

To activate the hidden feature, type a Hogwarts house name — Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin — and it will show up in the color of the house with a wand that shoots out some magical confetti and swirls.

Share your location using Snapchat’s new Snap Maps

Snapchat’s stealthy acquisition of social mapping app Zenly has led to another new Snapchat feature — say hello to Snap Maps!

According to Snapchat, the update gives users a whole new way to explore the world and enhance connections with friends. Using Snap Map you can discover hot spots where Stories are being uploaded by users who choose to share their content with the world. Check out what’s happening at the Rogers Centre, Eiffel Tower, or Great Wall of China.

To access the Snap Map, just pinch on your Snapchat camera home screen to see where your friends are at and what they’re up to. Unlike Facebook Messenger’s live location feature, Snap Map only updates when you open the app — a bonus for your privacy and your battery. Don’t want people to see your location? Put your settings in Ghost mode.

Filters and visual effects still popular among social users

New visual effects and filters were at the forefront of social app news this week.

A new update released by Facebook Messenger includes animated emoji responses, mood filters, masks and a “capture the moment” feature. Only accessible during Facebook Messenger video chat, it’s another attempt by Facebook to catch up to Snapchat’s popular visual offering.

Snapchat’s new update will allow users to make custom geofilters within the app. Instead of using a computer to design, submit and pay for your custom filter, you can now do everything without ever leaving the app. Users can choose from pre-designed stickers and other creative tools to customize a filter to suit any special occasion.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the cover of… Delta’s inflight magazine?

No — you didn’t read that wrong. Canada’s Prime Minister is making headlines for his new modelling gig… With Delta Airlines.

While it’s supposed to be a nod to Canada’s 150th birthday this month, people seem to think it’s more about the eye candy. The cover depicts Trudeau doing some backwards chair sitting with a pensive look on his face.

In any case, the photo has inspired some great memes. Thank you, Internet.

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